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Super Busy.
Sunday, August 30, 2009,9:56 PM
It's too obvious why I haven't blogged so much this days... I'm busy.

THURSDAY: I can't remember anything in particular already. :(

FRIDAY: Araw ng Wika for first and third years and an elementary batch too. Tatagalugin ko muna ah? Araw ng Wika to e. Ayun, ito ang pinakamasayang araw ng linggo ko. :) Pa'no ko nasabi? Pumasok kaming naka-kasuotang pinoy at may dala-dalang pagkaing pinoy. Tapos, nakita ko na dalawa lang pala ang hindi nka-kasuotang pinoy. Pero nung natapos ang araw, isa na lng ang hindi. Ano ba mga nangyari sa araw na 'to? MARAMI! Super. Birthday ni Abby edi syempre kanta kami. Pero wala syang handa e. May handa na kasi. :)) Edi Math... tpos RHGP. Ginamit namin yung time para magpractice para sa Filipino namin. Edi yun, wala lng. Tapos nagutom ako. Hingi ako sa mga nagdala ng puto. Okay naman sila. =)) *Kulit ko magkwento.* Tapos kumain na ko ng puto. Naka-apat ako. Hindi naman matakaw noh? Alam niyo ung sa Goldilocks? Yung puto doon, e diba medyo malaki compared sa puto na assorted colors and everything? Ayun nga. Naka-apat ako. Sarap e! Kulang pa nga e. Kaso time na. Kaya awat muna. Then, mayamaya, Filipino na. Edi kumain na naman ako ng isang puto. Di ko napigilan sarili ko e. Nagutom na naman ako. Tapos nagperform kami ng kanta. Grabe, nagkalat lang ako! Nakakahiya yung boses ko. Grr. Yes, may hiya pa pala ako. ^^ Edi yun, nagperform din yung ibang groups. Katuwa yung kina Jared e. Naka-malong sya tapos naglilipsing. Kung nakita mo lang. Paposing-posing pa ng girly posse. Okay lang siya noh? Sayasaya niya lang. After nun, lunch na namin. Kaso, wala kaming spoon, fork at plates. Wala rin kaming baso pero, buti na lang, may nagdala ng dahon ng saging. Edi pinausukan nila tapos kain kami. Sarap ng palabok grabe! Tapos first time ko tumikim ng dinuguan. Masarap pala. Ngayon lang talaga ako nakakain. Edi yun, napakuha ako. Haha. Pati yung sapinsapin at kamatis kinain ko. Ano pa ba kinain ko? Marami ba masyado? Ganon talaga. Hindi nga nataba kahit anong kain e. :]] Tapos lesson na. Tapos un. Haha. Tapos na. :D

SATURDAY: This day is meant for the Dance Club in school. Half my day is spent for it. So yeah, I attended and we continued with our dance - Loose Control and Insomia - we even progressed with the intro of Right Round. Great girls, y'know! Really great at dancing. Oh, I just remembered! We have to prepare about 1 or 2 minutes of a dance routine. Sir said we need to try and do the audition. But I'm not keeping my hopes up. There's a lot of high school students out there better than me. I'm better with watching them. I might not be able to do the steps to be teached to us... if ever I'm choose - which is, just in my dream. =)) I went home... and there you go. A day. ;)

SUNDAY: We stayed at my aunt's house for the day 'coz my other aunt who stays with us at home and who does things like cleaning and everything, went to a mall and watched a movie with her sisters. An advance birthday celebration, actually. So there they go. Enjoyed themselves. We went to SM Molino and did some grocery and paying of bills then stayed all throughout the day at my aunt's house. I copied my lecture about Nature of Research there. I even finished my notes in Lesson 6 (CLVE). Then I ate a lot. :)) I tell you, they have a lot of things - I mean, food - to eat there! And so, I haven't even made an effort to stop myself, I ate and ate and ate... and ate and ate and ate... Hahaha. I think that's an overstatement already. I felt my stomach's full already so I stopped eating and reserved the rest for the next meal. Then we went home again and here I am, blogging in front of the computer while hearing songs from my iPod.

Maybe that's enough for now. I'm still off to watch the replay of Miss Universe 2009. I wasn't able to watch last Tuesday 'coz we had classes. Good night guys and thanks for reading!

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