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I'll never write a song. Would never sing along.
Wednesday, November 25, 2009,7:12 PM
Oh, boy, why so speechless?

--> Now this is downright hilarious! =)) <--

This is such a good evening. -- I plurked this one. Even tweeted. *My grammar is sooo wrong! XD*
There's a lot of things to be happy about. -- I posted this one on Tumblr.

I'm pretty sure you got the picture. Right? I'm happy. Well, that changes things. There really is a lot of things to be happy about.

First, I'm saved. "From what?" you'll ask. "It's a secret." I'll say. 'Coz I don't want to talk about it. Hmn, they're not mad at me. She isn't too. It's a double celebration. Kidding! Nothing happened that would be considered worst. :) I've recited a couple of times too. Hmn. There's not much problem of me missing some classes 'coz I seem to cope up easily. At some only.

Second, it's still fun in the classroom. After everything we've been through. We could still laugh freely at things, or atleast I can. Still. That's how it should be naman kase. Nothing too emotional nor too personal. Basta pag tawanan, tawanan talaga.

Third, I had fun with some dance clubmates. Bagong tawag? Nyak, pauso ko naman. Whatev. :)) Anyway, I discovered something about Sir Ryan. Madali siyang utangan. <:) And he's not good in sliding his feet or whatever you call it. Wala lang. Share. Fourth, well I do want to skip this. If you'll excuse me for a while. I'm starving. Fifth, *I'm back!* I'm glad to understand our lesson in Math today. I'm not boasting or something, huh? It's just that I couldn't understand the lessons before. I'm just happy to be able to now. What an achievement! I woke up full of worry but I ended up relaxing. Yow mehn! Thanks God. You're sooo good to me. I remembered the kid who humiliated me last Monday. That doesn't really seem to be so disturbing to me and I'm glad that she's good to me now. She even told me something. Tooooot! Skip, skip, skip. I don't want to slip on that one. That's the only secret I'm keeping. Or maybe, I think I'm still doing at it. Nobody seems to react that much about it. Why would they, anyway? Haha. Are you getting whatever I'm telling? I hope not. Kyooot ng nakita kong paperbag. If you could call it one. "Santa is real. Merry Bench." and "Oh what fun. Merry Bench."
Wala lang. I find it cute. Weird ko noh? I don't care. xP Hmn, what else? Knew something. But as usual, I can't tell what is it. You're not even asking naman eh.

Watched the music vid of Brick By Boring Brick of Paramore. The best! \m/ I sooo love Paramore.

Okay. That's it. Haha. That ends my day. Kidding. Wish us luck for tomorrow's dance and for my costume as well. It's all white and I'm so worried about what I'll wear. I'll try to dig in my closet for something long and presentable instead of a short one. Garrr. Another whatev.

So I'm off to do more schoolworks and fix up. G'nyt guys!

Quote of the Day:
"You can't stick to one thing for a long time. Eventually, you'll get sick of it and do something new. Only love has the power to keep you entertained in doing something repeatedly."

Give me a minute to restart my heart,
Charm. :P

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