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Monday, March 22, 2010,9:54 PM
Headache. Arrg.


Good evening Blog. I dunno how I ended up with my blog entry title for tonight. It just popped in my mind. :))

Now Playing: Still In Love With You - Jonas Brothers
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Okay, I played songs in my phone using the Artists folder. So there you go. :) To tell you the truth, I'm really not a fan of the JBros. I just love the message of their songs. But that doesn't make me a fan of them. Well, the other songs they've sung that I liked were Can't Have You and Fly With Me.

Saw that one in Tumblr. And I really loved it. :D I wish my besties and I have a contract like this. And look at this part... the one one bold. Yeah, it just fits! :D

If there is a breach of contract, the injured part has a discretion on the kind of punishment or torture to be imposed on the other party. But reasonable means to remedy the breach is highly encouraged. (Ex. Talking it out)
Well, anyway, I could try printing this in a computer shop so that we could sign it. We'll just have to add 3 more blanks. That means there would be 5 parties. And yeah, that's it. Ready to give to my besties.

Anyway, today was a bit of fun, maybe? And boring as well. I decided to watch Music and Lyrics and The Forbidden Kingdom again. Because my little brother is so noisy that I missed some of their lines and I had to watch it again alone so that I couldn't miss anything. That's how I watch movies. I want to understand it thoroughly. If I couldn't, I would watch it again. :)) Well, anyway, while I was watching, my ate turned up at my room and told me someone was looking for me outside.

Vera came out and said she needed to pee. Like yeah. And it was quite a surprise. Vera, turning up at my household telling me she needs to pee at such a short notice. :))) But I let her in and directed her to the CR. And I had a bit of a chat with her and Yelgy outside where the wind blew my hair while I'm trying to fix it. Great, isn't it? But I had fun talking to them. I mean, iba pa rin kasi pag ka-age bracket mo lang ang kausap mo. You don't really have to hide anything from them and you can talk about anything under the sun without having misunderstandings because you see things in the same angle. So yeah. After some chitchat, Yelgy complained that she's so hungry. I am about to invite them to eat at our house but I remembered that I consumed all of our viand - well all of us consumed it. I just ate a lot compared to them - and nothing was left. There was nothing left from the rice too. So I told them that honestly and I waved goodbye as they head to some place where they could eat.

I continued to watch the movie on the part that I've slept in. *Before Yelgy and Vera came to my crib, I fell asleep with the movie playing. :D

What else do I have to say? It's very hard to think when you're suffering from a headache. And it's not just the kind of ache where you could still shake your head for a "No." It hurts like hell, you know. I'm screaming in my head, "D*mn. Why does it hurt THIS much? :O" But then, no matter how much I complain in my head, nothing would happen. Good thing my cousin bought me some Biogesic tablets so I could drink 'em down and feel better after a few seconds/minutes.

After getting a massage in the head courtesy of Ate Abbie, we headed home. I'm really not in the mood to go home. I wanna fall asleep at that moment but my cousin's jeepney that brought us home was so shaky that my blood was awaken. And yeah, I opened the computer to blog and update my sites.

That's all for tonight. I'm feeling sleepy again. And I'm feeling a bit better, thanks to Ira for making me laught. :) My sickbuddy.

Good night everyone! Enjoy your summer! ;)

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