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It was always there, just never spoken.
Monday, November 23, 2009,8:27 PM
Memoirs of an imperfect angel.

Haha. Sa album ni Mariah yan eh. Dun sa Obsessed na track ko yan napulot. Kyoooot kase. Anyway, good evening everyone. I want to extend my thank you's to friends and family for the previous days.

Okay, here I go. I haven't blogged na naman. What's happening to me? I'm starting to get bored in the internet. I don't know why, really. :)) Congratulations to Pasteur and Roentgen! <:P Blow-out naman diyan! :D

I'm still proud to Dalton and Darwin. Ang ganda ng presentation nila. Well, haha. We passed through na rin. They said I was 'hataw' during the play. I have too. You know. x_x It was just sooo embarassing. I wore a different dress pa naman. And the color was RED. Litaw na litaw. Garrrr. Why did my dress have to be lost that day pa kase? :o Anyway, enough na. It's finished and I'm glad it is. Slight. =)) Our sched is back to normal again. Argh! Haha. I'm gonna miss the prep. days.

Watched New Moon yesterday. It was fab! Awesome, really. My mouth fell a lot of times. Nakakabilib kase eh. I watched it with Mariel in SM Molino. The cinema was cold. :] But it was worth it. The movie was just sooo eye-catching. Mariel kind of like reacted when Jacob placed his shirt in Bella's head. That's when she fell on the motorcycle. I guess she forgot to control herself. Taylor was just sooo damn hot. :") Edward looked like a malnourished whatever when he removed his shirt in Italy. Haha. He looked dead. He's so thin but he has those six-pack abs. Whatever. =)) Bella was convincing in the part where they shown the months after Edward left. She looks like she just took cocaine. XD But she acted real good there. Splendid! Dakota was pretty. The one who portrayed Alec was too. Even Heidi was hot. Sexy, indeed. A bait and a fisher at the same time. Super spoiler ba? Haha. Jake is so adorable in his wolf form. Yeah. I swear! Even Mariel liked him. The effects were cool to. It seemed real to me. The vampires, since they move fast, were like flashes of light only. :) Hmn, okay na siguro yan. Haha. I'm such a spoiler. Skip this if you haven't watch New Moon yet.

We went to Mariel's house afterward. We ate a cherry flavored cake - full of icing but still, the cherries were just so mouthwatering - and pancit. Oh, the puto too. They were all delicious. Hahaha. Grabe, foodtrip na naman usapan eh. WTH?

Today na ulit. x)) Enjoyed the morning coz the teachers gave way for us to practice. What else? Yun, we performed our play and we're the first. JP's telling me something that is my secret. :P Hmn, what else? I talked to his mom. She still remembers me. How embarassing. Hahaha. x_x That's maybe all I could tell.

Give me a minute to restart my heart,
Charm. :P

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