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Friday, February 5, 2010,8:07 PM
And it cut me like a knife when you walked out of my life.

Good evening blog. :D How's life? Just answer me in my chatbox, 'kay?

I'm so happy tonight. Wanna know why? Oh, for sure, you wouldn't care if I'm happy. :)) But I would share it, anyway. I could play a song now. But I still need a copy in order to do so. It's Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me. I know it's old and it's been played again and again last year. But it's got easy chords that I could play. That's why I played it thrice to make my hands used to the chords. And I'm glad I was able to play it well. Not bad for a newbie like me.

I told my dad about it. He said, "Edi ayos." They don't seem too enthusiastic about this one. Even the Oral Defense. I understand them. They're not experiencing it. That's why they won't appreciate it the way that I do. I will just practice more and more to be able to play a song for them when they come home. In that way, they might be happier.

Listening to 18 Days - Saving Abel again, after a few months. I even deleted it in my phone already. I didn't played it purpose, actually, it was the song after the one I was trying to memorize. And since it's playing, and it doesn't sound so bad, I'm listening to it again. It's been 18 days since I first held you. But to me it feels just like, it feels like a lifetime. :)

Congratulations to all us - Freshmen students for surviving the Oral Defense. I can't believe I was able to make it, unharmed. Lol. A lot of second year students are frightening me with the panel's attitudes. They said that in order to have a high grade, we must make the panel speechless with our answers. And to be able to do that, we must understand our investigatory project very well.

I couldn't say that I was good in that, our panel was too tame. The other group even called it FUNel. =)) But they're right. They made their points regarding our IP but they didn't ask much questions compared to the panel today. Good thing they weren't our panel. Instead of the panels being speechless, we might be the one not being able to answer because of the questions they're hitting us one after the other.

I wish we have a good grade. I really really wish so. I've worked for this very hard, we all had, and we deserved a pretty nice grade.

What else should I say? I guess I don't have much stories tonight compared to the others. Oh, we had an activity in CLVE. I was one of the leaders, and my station was the Canteen. The fun part there was eating... I mean, asking the members of the groups going in my station if they could treat me even just a bar of chocolate or something to drink, then, if they say yes.. I would say thank you and go to the counter and buy something for myself. :]

That's all for today, I guess. Good night and thanks for reading this post.

Charm. :>

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