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I am trying not to tell you but I want to.
Wednesday, February 10, 2010,8:17 PM
Field trip na bukas!

Yeah. And I think you find it rather irritating. That line has been appearing to my last posts for a lot of times. :) But I don't care. Eh sa excited akong magfield trip eh. Paki niyo ba? It's my account, I can post anything I want. ;p

Don't get me wrong at that part. Lol. I was just trying to annoy that someone who seems to get irritated with my post. I mean, STFU. It's my account, not hers. :))

Anyway, we're gonna have our Educational - HAHA. If it's really educational - Field Trip. Our destinations are Mt. Samat in Bataan and Subic. We're gonna have ziplining, mini bunjee jump and canope walk. :D I hope it'll be fun. Well, for sure, it would. And as usual, every year, my most fave part is when we're in the bus. ^^

Btw, I love our t-shirt. It has glitters on it... it's the most wonderful graphical tee I have in my closet! Really. Honestly speaking, I really want to have another shirt. A personalized one again.

What else should I say? Ugh. Valentines day. Screw that day. That's only for the lovers. And I'm single, so I won't enjoy it, definitely. I just hope I'll be able to find something to do on Sunday so that I won't just eat and eat and eat. x))

My ♥'s beating again. *Like it ever stopped. ;)* End of topic.

Good night everyone! Have a nice day tomorrow. =p~ To all of us having a field trip tomorrow, let's enjoy it, arayt? :]

Charm. >:)

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