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Brownout Days Part 3
Thursday, April 8, 2010,12:30 PM
Good afternoon Blog. Another brownout day. Srsly, when is the brownout mania going to end? o_o It's getting in my nerves. It might be better if it's windy or something but it isn't. I hope you get the picture. Sweat, boredom... yeaaah. What a great combination.

I woke up with the power off already. And blimey, I'm sweating so much. It's like I've just taken a bath. :| So I stoo up and ate breakfast. It was okay. I had pancakes for breakfast and they're delicious, as always.

I had an idea that time. I tried reading Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark by William Shakespeare. I could still understand it, for the time being. And it surprised me that I did. I wasn't really expecting that I would be able to comprehend what the characters were telling its viewers because they're deep, and some of the words have a different meaning now that they did before. But I survived, and I'm trying to finish it.

I went out in the garage, wishing for fresh air to blow on me. I had an idea of taking some pictures. Good thing my hair wasn't messy. And it looked like it was combed. But to tell you the truth, it wasn't combed yet. :DD

We ate some chips. And had fun with my brother. :)) Then the power went back. I ate my lunch and went online. After a couple of minutes, I watched TV. You know, just to kill the time. I'm really bored in the cyberworld. And I decided that the TV was my last chance to have fun.

I watched Wowowee. Then took a bath when it's the second commercial for Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal. I finished taking a bath when the credits of the same show was shown. Too long for a bath? Well, it's normal, for me. x)))))

Then I watched Maria De Jesus. She was being married to Juan Miguel. They look so good together. Is it just me or Marichuy was really blooming at that time? I wanted to look like her, stunning and very happy, when I get married, which would be a lot of years from now. :) I don't want to get married just after school. I still want to earn money, enjoy my being a woman, get into a serious relationship. And when I'm sure of it and the man would be proposing, I might say yes and get married. XD By then, maybe we could afford to get married in Portofino. If it isn't in a bad condition yet. Lol. =))))

I laughed hard when I watched Banana Split. I loved the Ang Itlog portion. Pooh was absolutely funny. That portion made my day. =))))

I was watching Precious Hearts Romances presents Love Me Again when my grandma decided to go to Mercury Drugstore. She said they'll be going to the market next. So I joined them cause I will buy some CDs. ;)

I bought Valentines Day, Dear John and The Princess and the Frog for my little brother. He actually requested it. Well, technically, his first request was Mr. Bean. But there was no CD of him so he asked for Tom And Jerry. But there wasn't any too. So he settled with that one.

We watched his CD and chatted with our parents after. I watched Valentines Day and slept after.

That's the end of today's post. Thanks for reading everyone!

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