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Saturday, August 8, 2009,1:50 PM
I want to sleep. But I just can't. Maybe I'll just sleep early tonight. :| I have to finish all my schoolworks today and rest, rest, rest tomorrow. (Whatta plan!)

Well, nothing's more exhausting than walking from school to 7 Eleven! (Practicing again and again is just second-place.) Hmmp, I really feel sleepy. Even the shouts of my brother can't wake my spirit up. And reading a book only makes me more sleepy.

Okay, so what about today? I just made a new friend. *Laughs!* You know Yen? Yeah, she's great and fun-to-be-with too. Hmn... what else? They taught me a couple of steps and all we did was enter, exit, enter again, and leave again... and for the third time, we entered and vanished. Lol. GRR! Why am I so speechless today? Hahaha.

I can't tell you some of today's happenings 'coz they are secrets... Or that's what they could be called. :)) Well, there's one I could tell. I enjoyed an enormous fifteen-peso ice cream courtesy of Mini Stop. Yum yum! So delicious! Woohooo! :D

Maybe that's all for now. Try to add some later or tonight. Bye!

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