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Tuesday, October 20, 2009,8:17 PM
Go get your shovel. :P

Just listened to Jesse McCartney's Body Language. Hmn, review? It's okay, but not that good like his other songs. :) But the tunes cuteee. Right Where You Want Me is way more better. I swear. I'm a fan of him. But still, I'm an Arron Villaflor by heart. <3

Mahal ni Hershang ah, infairness. But I bought her anyway, bibilhin niya rin ako e. *evil smirk* Hahaha. How do they get 100m money in FFS? I never succeeded in earning. I always end up using the money before I get there. >,<

Cafe World was really fun! XD I enjoyed it a lot. They were right. But the food took too long to get cooked. What the...?! Four hours, only one meal?! Hahaha. That's the only thing questionable there. But the characters were funny. =)) I enjoyed playing it a lot. There was also a meal which took 11 hours, I guess. Omo. I think I'll get bored with that one. Buti pa yung Chips and Guacamole. Three minutes lang tapos na. :D

I'm adding to my wishlist this one... To have a picture with the wind turbines in Bangui Bay, Ilocos Norte. I'm afraid the wind might blow me up but I think I could resist for a couple of minutes. Lol. Just for the picture. It's worth it, I'm sure. It would really be. x]

Thalia told me a very funny story. I want to try and drink that one too, out of curiousity. I'll see what happens to me. Hahaha. 10. Gawd. He's got a taste, huh?! :] Really. He knows who's really deserving for him. Lmao.

Math was confusing. Math never liked me. Ever. Hahaha. I don't like him too. Woah, I remembered something. ;D I saw T. Johna riding her motorcycle this afternoon, not that you would care, right? Or that you haven't seen. But I've just noticed... just now. Her motorbike's color is green and not black. But why? I remember seeing her with the black one on one of our practices when there are no classes. Oh, maybe she has two. A green and a black. :j Bigtime naman!

School's whatever. Pressure and all that. I remember CLVE's quiz today, a very rare one. The one who got the "marriage thinggy" was really funny. There was a word with asterisks and we don't know what it is. Teacher asked us to guess and so we did. I have a word though, different from the spelling written there but she said it was the right word. ^^ Twisted, indeed.

I asked Abby to lend me her A Walk To Remember book. One of my busmates told me that it's a wonderful book. The story, and characters were great, she even added. I'm so excited about it. :")

Trouble is a friend, oh, trouble is a friend. Yeah, Lenka. :b Thanks for reading this post. Which is boring, I know. Good night. :-h

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