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The best part of me was always you.
Saturday, November 28, 2009,10:37 PM
I added another thing to my wishlist: a new pair of dazzling shoes!

So much for my happy ending. Yeah, I'm singing once again. Cnanged my blogskin just a minute ago. Or maybe, I finished it just a minute ago. x)) It was a tough job, considering that I wanted to add a lot of things. But, thank goodness, I survived. And what I exactly need right now is comfort food. Step 5: Be happy!

What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and your okay? I sooo love The Script! Their songs just have the wonderful lyrics. Just like Paramore! Yeah. Love those bands so much. :* I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top. I'm really getting more and more eager to get a Brand New Eyes soundtrack as a gift for Christmas. Since I've got loads to buy - books in particular - for myself. I don't think my savings are up to it but I hope I'll be able to buy them all. XD Here's to self-gifting! *cheers*

We went to the mall a while ago. I paid some bills and saw Nolence, DC and a friend there. They joked me by asking for pamasahe. =)) Of course I refused to give them one! I'm fully aware that they're making fun of me. And besides, I'm sure they're much more wealthier than we are. That's a fact. After the bills, we did some grocery. That was the fun part. I get to grab foods here and there! :D Yum! Then we went home after a meal at Max's.

The morning? I woke up at about 5am or something but I forced myself to sleep more 'coz I slept late last night. Yeah, I did sleep for two hours. And I woke up at about 7 or 8 in the morning. I ate my breakfast after a complaint, "Bakit naman walang filling yung bread? Tapos yung hot chocolate ko HOT talaga?" They just laughed at my criticism and when I raised my eyebrow at our househelper, she finally said, "Maganda yan. Para naman mainitan ang tiyan mo." Yeah. She did have a point there. But what about the bread? I saved that one for myself instead of saying it out loud 'coz it wouldn't make a change too.

After that sleepy breakfast - I'm still feeling sleepy even after the meal - I read a book. Twenties Girl, a possession of Thalia which she lend to me. I laughed at some parts because I find it really funny. Imagine a 105-year-old ghost who looks like herself when she was thirty-three. Darn. If I could do that when I get old, stay as I am. :)) lmao. So yeah, and her thoughts, they were too pasaway for a woman like her. Good old times, indeed.

I texted some. c: What annoyed me a bit was when someone sent a GM and I wouldn't dare say what it contained. What a feeler that is! Grrr. I had a very fine day and he ruined 30% of my mood. WTH? I'm not doing anything and how dare that person think of such a thing on me? As if naman! 8-l

Just finished eating some brownies from Goldilocks. Yum! :] Magpupuyat ako. Yow! Haha. Good luck naman sa'kin bukas. I hope I'll wake up early 'coz we're hearing mass in the morning. Yes, banal! Hahaha. Go go go! I could do this. And I'll be doing more schoolworks tomorrow. A lot of studying.

So I'd better be going. I'm still going to see if there's a show left to watch. I mean, a good one. :b Thanks for reading everyone! Let's all drift to a refreshing sleep filled with wonderful dreams and awake in a morning with a smile from the sun. What's wrong with me? I feel poetic today.

I'm still saying goodbye, regardless. :-h

Quote of the Day:
Unleash all the feelings, savor what you have today 'coz it might change or be gone the next day.

Drifting off into the candlelight,
Charm. >:D<

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