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Is this true? I wanna hear it one more time.
Monday, February 15, 2010,9:30 PM
It's like the whole world stops to listen when you tell me you're in love, say it again.

I really love that song. Though it's been a year - I guess? - since it was first heard. Until now, I still really love the lyrics. ♥ Anyway, highway, Good evening Blog. And good evening to you. :)

How was this day? It was very tiring, especially for my brain. We took an assessment test, they said it's an Asian Assessment something... and it really made my nose bleed. Lol, not literally, but it was hard, kind of easy at some parts, but majority, I don't really like long tests, at all. I don't feel comfortable after taking one.

HAHAHA. I was remembering his voice when he called me. :"> OMG, next topic? :)))))))

So yeah, lmao. I can't get over the topic above. And I hate it. I'm not supposed to write it on the blog, cause that's below the belt.. I mean, that's too much. :D

What topic next? Had fun in Filipino. Laughed too much, actually. Even in the free times. My classmates are all children-at-heart. So, I hope you get the picture. XD They were playing, throwing this and that and stuff, eating during free times, and the like. That's what I love with our section. HAHA. And even if I'm not talking to anyone permanently, just by watching my classmates, I laugh and have fun. Sometimes, I get to chat shortly with Jourdese, Dadie, Kathrine, Maan and Micha, but only just for a while. The others too, just for a few words and all that then it's done.

But as usual, this day has its drawbacks. We've got tons to do, reaction papers, research, print this, print that and all stuffs related to one-minute-do-this-and-that-then-print. That's the hardest part of being a high school student, especially when you're on the very last and most important quarter. They keep on asking you to buy this, bring this, print that, research on that. You know that kind of assignments? It really makes me go mad, especially when it's on researches. Sometimes, when I can't find what's asked to be found, I just photocopy other's works to have an assignment. Sssshhhhhh! :p

Btw, laughed a lot in the service. Ate Djoanna's having so much fun. And I liked seeing her that way. She made me laugh. She was saying Eugene Domingo's lines in KimmyDora, "Go to hell! Get lost!" and more. I just forgot them.

I'm off to watch Rubi. :)) Ang bidang kontrabida. Yeaah. Okay, goodnight folks!

Lovelovelove! :*

Charm. >:)

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