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Saturday, January 9, 2010,7:07 PM
He was a perjurer. He decided to lie to me.

Today's Saturday but I still went to school. We're supposed to take a video of how to make our investigatory project but unfortunately, we don't have any blender. So I just hanged out with Ampie, Kathrine and Cathleen for hours. :D

At first, I was with Grazielle. She accompanied me to school. Then, we watched the volleyball players. They were so great! I just can't help but be awestruck. They were so cool about it. Even their coach is just goofing.

Then, Jourdese and Kyle came. After that, we went to the old lobby where the Chess Club and Art Class are held. So we watched Roanne do her sketch of the painting she's about to make. Then, I borrowed Jourdese's PSP and played with it.

After a couple of minutes, Grazielle left and we went to the bleachers, watching some maintenance paint the court. Had a fun and random talk with Ampie, Cathleen and Kathrine. It was really fun. :)) We were laughing and all that. We shared stories of our own. Any random topic that came out of our minds could do. I had a good time hanging out with them.

After a lot of laughs and stories shared, Kat J. came to fetch Ampie. They're about to do their IP. Kat J. even invited us to go to her house but I can't. The others weren't that enthusiastic about it too. Cathleen's afraid of being seen by her Tita there while Kathrine's not comfortable with the distance of their house. ^^

Cathleen, Kathrine and I were the only one left. We decided to stroll around to let time pass. We walked for almost thirty minutes from the school to Grace's house and back again. :)) We bought a large Moby pack and 3 C2 Solos. We drank the Solo inside the school grounds and consumed all the Moby's outside. ;) We laughed a lot and you know. Hahaha.

Then, here's the Dance Club scene. I waved goodbye to both Cathleen and Kathrine and headed to the roof deck to attend DC. We were asked to make some steps for the Outreach program. I mean, we're gonna perform. But we weren't able, so there's no presentation to occur. It was kind of weary or I mean, sad. Yen is sleepy while I was doing my best to stay awake. The others aren't in the mood for practicing too, as much as I was. So there it was. :) We were scolded by Sir Ryan and we said sorry to him.

We went down and I saw Cathleen and Kathrine. They're still there. x)) I hope I was with them na lang. Anyway, they asked me to say this aloud, "C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song." They were surprised to see me taking it so easy. They couldn't do it and all I could do was laugh at them. =))

We walked from school to the TCW gate. It took us a lot of minutes. x3 We were with Kuya Mikee, Kuya Emman and their other companions and Ira, Kristina, Paul, Amos, Yen, and Leizel. I took some pictures of the boys and they goofed around. I had fun being with them. I was just laughing and at the same time, tensed. :))) Okay, now I feel stupid for being tensed. There's really no reason for me to. XD

When I reached home, I ate some pasta and taught my brother some of the words from his ABC book. He's just so kulit. ~ My mom is having a tampo with me. c; She thought I was treating her like my sister. Is that bad? I mean, it's just for fun's sake. I'm not - and never would be - forgetting that she's my mother. Ever. And that's how I am with people that are close to me. Oh, whatever. I'm gonna tell her it's not bad na lang. Cause I know my limitations. My mom talaga. Either way, I still love her. <333333

What else am I going to say? :] I guess I've said enough for today. Thanks for reading. :-h

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