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After all the things we've been through.
Monday, April 5, 2010,11:51 AM
Happy Easter Monday blog! So yeah, Holy Week's finished, and I'm back to blogging. :D Honestly, I should've posted yesterday. The problem is, I forgot it. Yeaaah. Boo me. :))))

Hmm, what's changed? Nothing. My blog still has the same theme and format. Well, I decided not to change formats anymore. Y'know, I want my posts to have a personality, different from the others. Enough with the personality talk.

So yesterday was fab. I mean it. Easter Sundays are really awesome! :D We heard mass in the morning then went to Portofino. My cousin is getting married in December and she has to find a church and reception area now. She said those kind of preparations should be done a year before the wedding so that the venues are still vacant in the wedding day you chose. But since it's eight months and a couple of days before the wedding, or the day that they want to get married, it's in a bit of a rush now. So, back to the Portofino thing. Well, it was amazing. I mean, very splendid and dumbstruckingly beautiful. But the problem is, it's too pricey. My cousin only wants the church but they said it has to be a package. The venue should also be in it. I'm not making much sense here, am I? :)))) Sorry for my revolted or unclear statements.

A reception venue amounts to 140, 000. And take note, the catering services are not yet included in that one. The church expenses could tentatively be summed up to 30, 000php. Yes, it is indeed wonderful, more of dream-like, but the price! They need to be practical. So we headed to Paradiso and inquired there next.

The venue has different types. You could choose Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Those types talk about the food to be served. The prices of those are less than 140, 000 all in all plus a free accomodation. :) So it means, it's a lot more cheap in here compared to the first option. Hmmm, what do you think? For me, I'd go with Paradiso. Plus, there's a pool and I could ask my parents if we could go to an overnight swimming after the wedding. XD I'm really into this teach-me-how-to-swim-please thing. I really wanna learn!!!

My ate recalled the first time I went to some sort of swimming. I was sitting in the pool's stairs then, I don't have any idea how or why but I drowned. My father, who is drinking with his friends noticed that I was underwater, and he is so aware that I can't swim. I'm still a small girl that time. Maybe 5 or 6 years old? He only made 3 - I am serious about this - steps to the pool, saved me, and he never left his eye on me after that. :)))) I really don't know how I drowned and why did I go to the water in the first place. All I know is that I drowned. And I don't have any memories of it after the whole thing. That made me think of learning how to swim now.

We went to Sto. Nino De Molino Church Office. Or I mean, my aunt and cousin did. :) They're reserving a date. But the office is closed and they'll be back on Tuesday. So yeah, I hope the date isn't taken yet. She really wants that date.

Yeah yeah, after that, we went to their house, had some spaghetti and watched Mr. Bean Animated Series and Tom And Jerry Kids. Brings back childhood memories. Well, we're both children-at-heart. And my brother CJ, though I'm certain he couldn't understand what the stories are, enjoyed watching too. Then we went home.

I checked my social-networking sites and watched TV. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was very awesooooooome! Srsly. I'm doing a research about it's story plot and series and I swear I would find DVDs of those movies. ♥

What else? Nothing much for today. Imma eat my lunch huh? G'bye for now.

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