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Do you come here much?
Tuesday, March 23, 2010,10:29 PM
I swear I've seen your face before.

:) Good evening Blog. So I'm blogging again. I'm active, yeaaah! \m/ I guess I should keep it up.

Thanks to Sam and Ate Katie for brightening up my day and inspiring me to keep blogging. It's nice to know that you guys read my blog. I was thinking no one does. :D Oh, wanna see their awesoooome blogs? Click on their names, dude. It'll bring you there. *wink

Hmm, since I'm sleepy, I'll just update this tomorrow. Good night.

Hey there, here's the edited part now. ;)) Take note guys: I edited this March 24, 2010. I'm using PAST TENSES. :D

Yesterday was a pretty boring day. I just read My Story. Oh my. I'm still stuck at that book. And I need to return it to Abby by Friday. I AM DOOMED. :/ If I couldn't return that to her, when could I? :O I really need to finish the last part tomorrow. Really. I wish I could finish it...

I talked to him again. Oh god I've missed him sooo much. Well, yeah. If you know him, please do me a favor to shut up and don't tell ANYONE about it. :) If you don't, please don't ask who he is. Cause you know, I'm trying to keep a secret here. But the others know it already. See, I failed in keeping it so I don't need another person to know and just make the list longer. x_x But anyway, yeah. I enjoyed talking to me. I felt... better. I felt lighter and happier of course.

NEXT TOPIC. Haha. I might be boring you by blabbering about someone you might or might not know at all. So yeah, let's move to another topic. I have plans that day to buy some CDs to watch and buy an ice cream for myself. You know, it's time that I get a treat from all those exams I took. No one's been giving me a reward so I'm giving myself one. Hmm, does that count? XD Well, anyway, that's life. If they're not going to give it to you, you should do it yourself. I remember I quote I received via SMS from Gelyn. It was like this.

I love me. Kumain na ba me? Ingat me ah? God bless me. :) I miss me sooooo much!
Lol. And for me that was the best thing to do. :)))) Since then, I learned to give myself a treat after doing something I think is an achievement. I remember treating myself a Krushers after being able to zipline, tree drop and having a canopy ride. So yeah... that's pretty much of it. ;D I just thought I should share this to you. Another random fact about me. I acknowledge and honor myself. But not to the point that I praise myself. Just like a little kid, when you've been good to your parents, you deserve a treat. And since I'm not a small girl now, and my parents aren't here to see what I'm doing, I figured out that nothing would do it aside from me, myself. Oh yeah. I hope you get the picture. I've been repeating phrases already. =)) Silly me.

What else? Well, I heard some music from my phone before sleeping. I thought things over while laying in my bed before dozing off. And I thought about random things. I wasn't really deciding on what to happen next with my dream - should I call it a dream? I was still awake! - or whatever word fits best. The events in my mind just happened, much to my surprise. There were kilig moments but there were weird and unexpected ones too. A lot of people got involved. My family, relatives, classmates, and even the teachers. The locations were my home, school, mall, even sidewalks... Thank goodness the sidewalks were clean. The ones that look like streets from Korea as shown in BOF. :> So that was most of it. I don't remember my actual dream after I fell asleep. I wasn't really sure if I dreamt that night.

Hmm. I should end this. It's a bit long already. Thanks for reading everyone! Have a good night sleep. :-h


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