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Eww. Haha.
Sunday, September 6, 2009,11:16 PM
I was browsing a website where we can get graphics and all that. I searched for Harry Potter and looked at several pages. Then, as I clicked next, I saw a picture of Harry and Draco (Take note: It's an Animated Picture so a lot of pictures of them together and both naked are flashed.) I'm pretty sure it's just edited and it's with some lines. I forgot it but it has something to do with Harry and Draco's war with the end of this thin. They're absolutely making fun of them. :))

What else for today? I did some assignments, including the AP one. I know, I know, it's already late to pass but I have a reason. I was excused for the Science Club meeting and apparently, my partner doesn't know where I placed our work. He doesn't want to see my bag either, I might lose something there and he might be accused for it. You know, accidents happen.

Okay, my post today is pretty boring just like my day. We have a practice at Grace's house tomorrow. Good night everyone.

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