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Saturday, October 10, 2009,8:55 PM
Make-up classes used to suck. But this one is a record breaker. \m/ Lalabs ko ang Dalton.

Paolo started all the commotion. Yeah, he's the leader this time. XD This all started with my little joke with an endorser for a fish sauce, based on *his/her* posing in the class picture of *section abcd*. We saw it and, sorry for this part, we laughed at *his/her* look there. Then, that started everything. 'Model ng Patis', we tagged that person.

* * - done to protect the personality and section of the person. :)

There was also a story about a Filipino soldier who survived the cruelty of Japanese troops before on Death March. He was given a chance to go to America. He was waiting for his green card but he died before he even received it. Then, a singer dedicated a song for him and our teacher in Filipino had it, she asked us to listen to it. My classmates are singing at the chorus part, "Si Lolo Jose ay matanda na..." I forgot the other lines. It was soooo funny! :))

I discoved just now that we could open Ftalk in school's pc. They didn't block it, good thing for me and to others like me who are ftalkers. :D I had posted on few threads that time while they're watching a video, whatever that was.

Just listened to this wonderful song! Common Denominator by Ciara. I wasn't really a fan of Math or even formulas, but if it's this way, why not! x) I look so biased. Lol. No, I'm not. It's just so cute. The lyrics and all that. You know!

Finally, I finished my plates, so I'm free for the weekend... though it's just a day of rest. Dammit. I really hate this new school day sched. Except for the fact that being in Dalton's classroom is so fun, I just can't stop laughing... I still don't agree of having only one day of rest from those days of tiresome studying.

I got my foot wounded. Stupid! Darn. It's sooo painful. X_X .. T,T Oh, whatever. I need a bandaid. It really stings. I can't walk properly. I look like I got my left leg broken, though it's not. The only thing I liked about it is that he's concerned. :"> Okay, so he's giving butterflies in my stomach again. -,-

I think I forgot Xander's CD in school. So stupid of me to forget. I really though it's in my bag. Oh well, I'll just tell him to get another CD for himself 'coz I lost his old one. *wallbash.

So sleepy. I gotta hit the sack. Got tons to do tomorrow. Goodnight folks! :-h

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