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Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
Monday, October 5, 2009,11:11 PM
Oh star, fall down on me. Let me make a wish upon you.
Hold on, let me think, think of what I'm wishing for.
Wait, don't go away. Just not yet.
'Cause I though that I had it but I forget.
--> Ay, Ulyanin? :)) Kiddin'.

Good evening everyone! Today was funnn. <:D PBB was really nice! The girls were really too observant. They never stopped intriguing the two that they aren't Toffi and JM. *Am I right with the names? I still haven't memorized them.* Kuya is really creative, huh? He never looses ideas. Great ones. Oranges really are something messy. Especially when you eat it while hiding it. I prefer chocolates and oreos than that one. I could even choose my sandwich. Too messy. My handkerchief had some orange blots at it. Grr. It's too obvious there. The bakas. :))

Back to school. Assignment, schignment. Pfft. X_X Teachers are being pushy about studying at home 'coz maybe we wont be able to discuss some lessons. I don't want. But I don't have any choice. Though I really dread doing it, I have to. :(

1. I oath to never pay my tuition again.
// Why did I say so? Oh well, we were asked to follow the line in paying and it took us about thirty minutes before I got there and paid. WTH?! ;o Good thing Sr. George was late so we weren't caught. *sigh*
2. I oath to always eat while studying.
// Why again? Eating helps the fill the brain with ideas and knowledges. But I can't think of another reason. Hahaha. I really wish I'll be heavier. I really hate being thin. >,<
3. I oath to look at the road first before walking at it.

// The reason is, I always see him in corridors. And the last time, we nearly bumped at each other. Good thing I saw his face and I turned abruptly to the opposite direction. Kim didn't help either. She just said, "Paano ka makamove on niyan?" when I asked her to take a detour. She has a point though. And why am I so affected about it? :| In the morning, they tried to bump him into me. They succeeded but just a bit. Maybe he's strong, that's why he stopped them. Thank God for that.
4. I oath to not be affected.
// You know what I'm talking about, I guess. I mentioned it in the third oath. I could do it. I would. He seems to have moved on. It's my turn now.
5. I oath to sleep early.
// Darn. Eyebags sucks. Curse it! Now I'm asking for the aid of yummy cucumber, though I can't eat them. Sayang naman. I really want one. The only one not around is the 'thousand island' dip then I could eat them with other veggies... instant garden salad. Yum! :P
6. I oath to read Paulo Coelho's The Devil and Miss Prym in a way that I would understand it, from the start, to the end.
// Finally, the book I've been wanting to read for years! Now, that's another hyperbole. :]] But seriously, I really want it. They said it was really beautiful, I think maybe it's more than that. I'm saving up money so that I could buy the series. Paulo Coelho, keep it up!
7. I oath to be absent on Monday.
// My classmates know why. And it's a secret. Lucky for you if you know. It's really not a big news. :] No need to know. *I can't be absent, though. I really hate it, but again, I've got no choice so I just have to face it.* Then, I'll practice.
8. I oath to not oath anymore 'coz I might not fulfill it.
// Not that I don't stick to what I say. But there maybe are times that I wouldn't be able to follow these things so I'm not guaranteeing everyone that I'll be doing this. Maybe, just maybe. If I could. Lol. Good luck to me!

I'm sleepy. So I have to go. Thanks for reading again. :D Smile!

The stars lean down to kiss you,
Charm. -_-

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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