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Tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010,8:54 PM
I thought you told me you'd never leave me.

You said you love me. Why did you lie? o_o --> Remembered that old quote from a picture I once saw when I was still a noob in Tumblr. Well, now, I could say, posts have gone better than before. Good evening, btw. I forgot the greeting. How was your day?

If you ask me, I would still say that my day was okay. Rather different from the other days of Palaro. The first reason why is that I played too much. I ran here and there just to avoid getting myself hit by the ball in Tamaang Tao. Good thing we won. The game was really tiring and all our opponents were good. Some even got injured, but now they're fine.

We watched the Dalton boys as they play against Darwin. Okay. No more comments at this one. I promised myself I would forget this. Referee's decision, yeah. Okaaaay.

So now, I'm stuck in the classroom trying to figure out what to do. I tried to sleep but they're playing a music which is loud and made me jump off the mat and just find something to make me busy. I wanted to go down and buy something to eat but then again, I wanted to make an UNO castle. I even thought of making a tower. I just wish I'll be able to do that tomorrow.

Reviewed our output in IP. I guess that it's pretty much better that our first one. We made certain changes and corrections... and we're finished. Paolo's off to bookbind them then. And I'm supposed to give the others copies of our IP for them to study and print. I'm also supposed to make a presentation for it. Ugh. I'm supposed to be relaxing, right? :))

Anyway, Tug-of-War was awesome. We got the 3rd place but we sure had fun. :) Very much. I laughed at some of the faces I saw and took a vid of our players during the game. Hahaha. They're great, though they didn't win. They did their best, and I could see it in their faces.

What else am I going to say? I opened my Tumblr and liked and reblogged a lot. :) Actually, I enjoyed the posts today cause they're all funny and true. I even opened my Plurk and chatted with my friends there.

Okay, I'm sleepy. I gotta go. I'm afraid I can't place any colors in here anymore. Thanks for reading, anyway. Good night! Wish me luck for tomorrow's games. :D

Anybody could've told you right from the start it's about to fall apart.

Charm. ;)

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