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My first love broke my heart for the first time.
Sunday, January 31, 2010,1:33 PM
Thought you'd always be mine.

How Bieberrific! :D Lol. Love that song. Anyway, good afternoon Blog! Sorry for not being able to post yesterday... and also for my lame posts the past days. Well, how could I phrase it? I was really tired the whole week. I still wasn't able to refill my strength. My legs still ache and I'm still having a hungover with the Palaro. I still don't want to got to school and study tomorrow.

The only thing I hate about Palaro weeks is that it makes me dead. A bit literally, huh? It makes me hit the sack and look like a dead person while sleeping. That's how tired I am. I daren't look at myself or even look at a picture my cousin took. I don't wanna see how I look. They say it's funny, well, I guess it is too. But I just don't wanna see it. I'm afraid I might go, "Is that really me?" :D And that would make them all laugh harder. I wanna spoil their fun. >:)

Changed my blogskin. I've been with the last one for a while. I love my new skin today! Lightning! :x And I love the icon beside my blog name.. the one found in the tabs.. (Try opening another tab and you'll see it.) It's a lightning sign, changing color. I just love the way it looks. I'm a bit fascinated with random things these days.

Red day. x_x Ugh. My blank is aching. I don't know what is the English of that term. :)) But it hurts. My temper's a bit uncontrollable today. I've raised my voice a couple of times now - considering it's still afternoon. ^^ I feel awful, I just lay down, maybe read a book or type something. I don't wanna get up and walk and walk and I run errands to get things I need. Lazy much? ;p

It's a miracle I could write a lot today. It's still afternoon and a lot of things could happen later in the evening. But I don't think I could go online again later. I wanna have a long rest. I mean, a very long one. XD

I bought myself my own guitar yesterday. And I just didn't like it, at all. In fact, I loved it! c: Very. Though, I don't think it's in the right tune. Imma ask T. May to tune it for me. No one here knows how to do it, anyway. So I'd have to wait for two more days in order to play it right. I'm now searching for some chords so that I could practice them. I tried to play some but they don't sound as they sounded with the professionals.. Maybe it's with my plucking or something? I've double-checked my chords and my fingers and they're all right. Oh nevermind. I'll be able to play that someday. I wish so.

I feel like eating another chocolate bar. I gotta go. :-h Thanks fer reading.

A new format for a new blogskin.

Charm. ;)

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