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Friday, October 9, 2009,8:27 PM
Sorry for the last post everyone. I was sooo tired last night.

Thursday: Sr. George's story about Saw 1-5 was the one I remembered most. He told us his theory that Jigsaw was really the Doctor, I forgot the name, afterall. Well, he had those points right but I can't think his assumptions accurate 'coz I haven't watched the movie, and I had no immediate plans to do so. :P

We had laugh trips and a lot of pictures on CJ's camera. That made my day. :))

Friday: Free time much, eh? \m/ Sir George entered our classroom at lunch and shared stories about his high school life. Funny man, sir is! He gets along just fine with us. He's jams with us like we're schoolmates... or even batchmates.

T. Johna was ever as supportive with us on the play. She talked with some teachers to borrow their time so that we'll be able to practice for the play. Well, we did some practice, but the majority of those times, I just made my plates. Lol. XD

I rushed the three plates for two days. Actually, I had to go for the third 'coz it's really impossible to finish them today and so I'm about to pass them tomorrow. Good luck to me. *crossfingers*

We made some changes with the progress of our IP. Good thing we finished the third part of it today. We even had the finish product with us. But we'll still go for another one, 'coz it needs some enhancements. Though the paper is phorous and durable, we still need to add some or make some procedures possible so the paper will be better.

Facebook is relly determined to say that I'm in love. =)) Why did I say so? The tests that I've been taking so far always pertains to me being in love, or my eyes showing love or the love meter and such. Whatever. Studies first, you know.

That's much for today. Thanks for reading. Tomorrow again, everyone.

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