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Thursday, February 4, 2010,9:17 PM

IP's finished! Finally, after months of sleeping late researching, buying this and that, printing this and that, passing this and that, we've come to the end of this Investigatory Project. There are those times that I cursed it, because I can't relax because of it, but there are those times that I loved it, because I had fun doing it. :)

But the most unwanted day of the IP is the Oral Defense. But though I feared it ever since I heard it, I am proud to say that I faced it. :D And that I survived it. Anyway, good evening blog. I've been saying lame things in that freaky intro. Sorry for that one. But I was just saying that I survived our Oral Defense. I was surprised how fast it went.

What should I put here? Now Playing: Automatic - Tokio Hotel. ;) There no real love in you. Why do I keep loving you? HAHAHA. Just felt like singing it. I love it's music video. The one with the robots in it. XD

Played a few chords on my guitar. I still can't play a song, but I can play chords. Not that bad for a newbie. But I really want to play a song.. I mean, the whole song. I am able to play the first verse of A Place in this World by Taylor Swift but that's just the first verse. The next chords are powerchords kasi. And I still don't know how to play them, so I'm stuck with the simple chords, Em, E, A, C, D, G, C9. Yeah. That's the only chords I've played so far. And I'm currently practicing how to transfer my fingers and how to strum the guitar. I hope I'm doing good at it.

Good night. I'm sooooo sleepy. Still have to get up early tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Charm. ;)

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