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Monday, August 3, 2009,9:16 PM
"A pessimist complains about the noise when opportunity knocks. -Anonymous"

This day isn't really one that went well. But not because someone tried to knock off the fun from me is that I'll let him win. Right? You know me better than that! :)) So, yeah, life goes on.

Eventually, this is my blog and I can share anything I want. Can I share something with all of you? Today, I have just been insulted. Someone just told me that I cheated on him. The story goes like this... I record those who speak tagalog during our ELA subject and as a matter of a great and obvious fact, this someone is caught speaking tagalog a lot of times. Sometimes even by our teacher. (When our teacher is the one who caught, she will tell us the name and minus two for him or her automatically. "NAME HERE, minus two!") Then, this someone saw my records and asked me if the longest line of sticks are his. I winked and said yes. He thought I was adding up points when he doesn't see it but the truth is, I don't. And the worst part is he scribbled on six of the sticks and accused me of being unfair and everything. Of course that did hurt and I was greatly insulted. First of all, I loathe being accused of things that I didn't do. Second, he doesn't have a proof that I'm faking all his minuses. Third and most importantly, what if our teacher hears about this and refuse to trust me anymore? I don't like that to happen.

Okay, I've shared my heart out. I actually felt better now. Thought I've cried that time... and he wasn't even worth my tears! Grrr. But he's a nice person, to others, and not to me. (Well, that's the truth. I knew that from the start. Maybe he was getting a bit nicer to me than before, but what he'd done is really painful and maybe, result on being awkward with him in the fear that anytime, he'll do it again.) And to add up the list, some people saw me crying. And they all asked me why. I still don't want to talk about it yet, but now I'm ready. What I'm not ready of is explaining it to our adviser who saw me crying. How could she see me when I'm about 10 meters away from her? Amazing eyes she have! :D

Let's forget about that mess and start talking about something else, shall we? Okay, the day was good and we are just informed now that we need to prepare for a play at ELA. Our stories should all be classic fairytales and we'll be competing with other section. Another thing, we could also modernize the story because they're a bit classic. Lol. Peace out to all classic-loving ones. I am one of those editors and musical directors... I think so. But if we all just need to have one work, I'll be choosing the musical branch. That's where I can help most. But I could multitask, I always do! I also like to be an editor, eh? Hahaha. But there's some who aren't assigned with any task yet, and we all need to have one. So I need to give it to those one left.

Okay, above all else, thanks to those who comforted me. I also want to thank those who listened to me... can I mention some? Kathrine, thanks for listening! :D And to the others too. Ate Wednesday, Ate Czar, Ate Cam, Ate Gladys, sino paaaa?! Dami nyo. :) There, thanks to all. To those I forgot to mention, sorry and thanks. Hahaha.

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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