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I should've seen the signs.
Monday, April 19, 2010,10:55 AM
Good afternoon Blog. I was inactive again. I was so tired from the trip last Saturday that it took me the whole Sunday recharging. But I am back. :)

Batangas, baby. :3

I woke up 4:00am, Saturday and ate breakfast. I took a hot bath and dressed up. It was a surprise that I didn't felt cold though I'm only wearing shirt and shorts. I was thinking that the whole ride would be bumpy and hot. Because my uncle's van has no aircon. He said it was broken. And it's summer, sure it would be one hell of a trip going there.

And I was right. I took the backseat, near the luggage and had the window beside me widely opened. It was sooooooo hot! But yes, it was so windy too. When we're zooming, it's windy. But when it's traffic, it's irritatingly hot and the smoke comes into your face... Especially at me, I'm at the back and there are cars on the other side of the road. :| So that's much of it. But I was able to sleep a bit, thank goodness, and escape that scenario for some minutes. I wasn't sure how long I slept. Honestly, I find it hard to doze off. I just close my eyes, but I still wasn't sleeping. I am aware of everything. But after I don't know how long, I would just wake.

We reached the destination after three hours. It was totally freakin' hot there. We chose to rest in Tita's house. There was a kubo there, and it's not as hot as the other houses there. It was so irritating because you get sweaty all at once. You don't want to sweat all over your shirt... Considering the smell and everything, and take note, you will meet your relatives. You couldn't risk smelling bad to them. :)))) So I brought a lot of shirts so I could change when I need to.

Anyway, we had a delicious lunch. Then headed to Tiyo Ruben. Stayed there for a while, then left for Kanluran. That's where my Dad grew up. I mean, he grew up in those places too. But they live in Kanluran. They have a two-story house in the middle of a vast land owned by my grandmother. We stayed there, cleaned up, chit-chatted and stuff. Ate Abbie and I also went to Kuya Anjo's old house, now owned by Wendell's parents. They said they had no electricity, no TV and their water was free. They get it by pumping. Their house was a kubo, not that big but it could accomodate all of them. There was a couple of stairs directing to their room. And when you get there, there's a bit of a space where you could find a cabinet - or was it a table? - where they're books are kept. Below, there is a place where they cook, and a dining table, then that's it.

Whenever I go there, I stand dumbstruck in front of their houses. I wonder how they manage to live without cellphones, computers, telephones and TVs. It would be a very boring day. Imagine, we already have all those stuffs, but we still get bored. How about them?! I couldn't last a day like that. But they play and go out, maybe that's what they do everyday to lessen their boredom.

We went to my lolo's older sister, Lola Letty. She's with her husband, son, and grandchildren. My brother played with them while me and Ate Abbie enjoy the duyan. :D I always loved sitting at those things. It's windy, and it's relaxing. I always wished we have those at home, but no, we don't have trees where they are placed. So I always spend my time at those whenever I see one.

Then we went to the Kalsada. That's how the called it. And it's obvious why. They live beside the main road. So it's fun there. Everything's around and a lot of people live there, compared to the Kanluran, it's all quiet and people's houses are away from each other. We went to Tita's house and ate dinner. After a few chitchats, we went home. It was 6:00pm then. It was traffic in Lipa City all the way to the expressway. o_o I mean, really traffic. It was, I think, 9:00pm when we reached SLEX. The trip there was rather fast - primarily because I slept and when I woke up, we're already at Filinvest. ;) We reached home 10:30 something, and I changed clothes fast and ran to the TV. I was able to catch the half of PBB's 1st Nomination Night. XD Tricia was nominated together with the other boys. Oh btw, VOTE WISELY.

That's it. After the show, I fell asleep. I was so tired to eat anything, even a midnight snack. And I woke up the next day very hungry.

My brother had a nice time for sure. He had a lot of friends and he played and played and played all day. That's why when we left, he fell asleep at once. He had a very long sleep, but I still have the longest. XD

So Sunday was a bit lame, I mean really lame. :))) I was tired, I only went online in the afternoon and slept at night. When I woke up now, I'm energized. I am freakin' back!

Maybe I'll update this later for today's events, if I still could. :3


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