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Wednesday, August 26, 2009,11:16 PM
Fun. That's the best word to describe today. It all had its ups and downs - as usual - but it's still fun. I'm pretty sure of that. Mostly because of the gala we did. I mean it. WE.

Why Brenohalozoles? *Take note: Read it as, bre-no-hey-low-zowls.* It's actually our surnames together. Charlotte Briones (me), Grazielle Penolio, Jed Hael, Paul Beloso, CJ Refuerzo, Shiela Aviles. We became a group since this day. Mark it. August 26, 2009. We went to Grazielle's, Jed's, Shiela's, CJ's and our house. It was soooo fun being with them. We took turns in the swing with one of us taking videos of everyone. We also played in the seesaw. It was soooo much fun. :D

Before we came to that, here's what happened...
They're no classes today so we went to CJ's house to practice for our play. Then, after practicing, playing, watching and a lot more, we decided to go. Some thought of watching a movie but then ended up with a no. We just agreed to go to Mini Stop for ice cream. We walked all the way to Mini Stop and then bought ice creams and lollipops. As we stayed to finish our snacks, we found different things to laugh on. :)) After that, three of our classmates who came from Camella now bid temporary good bye's to us. We then went out of the stop after a few minutes. Dalainne chose to head straight home. She's in a hurry. After some minutes of thinking, I went with Grazielle, Jed, CJ, Paul and Shiela. And that's how everything happened.

I just finished making our Friendster account. Do you mind adding it? Click this, please. :)

That's all for this day. I'm so tired. Thank's for reading. Xoxo. Good night!

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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