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Friday, January 15, 2010,9:38 PM
Marami pang kasalanan diyan. Try mo naman yung iba. ;p

Yeaaah. That's right. Saw that one in Tumblr. Enjoyed using it, btw. Ugh. I forgot to use Plurk naman. Bommir. *bisakol mode* HAHAHA. Anyway, I can't go to T. Tessa's house this late. First, it's dangerous. Next, I'm sleepy. That's it. :))

Good eve, btw. HMMM? What am I going to say? ;o I'm currently speechless at the moment. But I'm still gonna post tonight. Whtev. I just want too. I feel like my day isn't complete without an entry in Blogger. Though I don't really put sensible things here.

Forgive me for my posts. I'm just not good at this one. They said I am. WHY DID THEY LIE? =))) Lol. Nvermind that. I was just kiddin'. We're going to do our IP tomorrow at Jourdese's house. Funny, right? I find it funny, sorry. x))) But yeah, we're really going there. Upon reaching home, Imma make my project in Filipino and Health. This week and the next is pretty hectic. It's the week before the Palaro. I wish I could still concentrate on studying by that week. Especially FRIDAY! :DD This is the only week we could play all day. No study, no homeworks, no pressure. Just pure F-U-N.

Go Abby! I know you can do it. Oh, and God bless to Paul as well. I don't want to expect anything. Let's just see what happens. But no matter what, we're always here and we're all proud of you two. :)

Ugh. I feel sleepy. Okay, I'll better go and get some rest. I'll have to be early tomorrow. 8:00.

Thanks fer reading.

Missing you isn't the the hardest part. Knowing that I once had you is what breaks my heart.

Charm. >:)

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