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Wednesday, December 16, 2009,3:52 PM
I fell in a perfect way. Never had a choice to make.

One word to describe me today: NASTY. And I hate myself for being one. :|

Having a last song sydrome on Unlove You of Ashley Tisdale and Eat You Up of BOA. :x Well, the first one is because I could relate on everything in it though I'm not on that stage anymore. Well, not that I'm done with it but I'm taking it easier than before. Try finding its lyrics. *And I'm gonna post my fave part of that song here.* The second is our dance for Friday. -- Christmas Party. :)) It's kewl. And I like it. XD

I can't unlove you
Can't do that
No matter how I try
I'll never turn my back on
Someone who loved me too

I can do most anything I have to
But this one thing I cannot change

I almost kinda like the pain
Wear your tattoo like a stain

And it will take forever
To fade away

Math is... rejecting me, as always. I was already having good vibes on Math because I could get the correct answers during the drills and seatworks. But what the hell happened to me today? *wallbash* I wasn't able to answer some questions correctly and it bothers me. I really hope I'll be passing that one. And I would be able to get a high grade on it. I totally need a high grade. And my parents are bugging me about barkada and all that stuffs as the reason why I'm not yet an awardee. I was like, "Tell me, haven't you - once in your life - had a barkada in high school?" Demanding na kasi eh. But I always tell them that I'll do better next quarter.

TLE was fast. Well, almost all the questions I found there were the ones I focused on. I really wish I could pass that one. Well, I love the multiple choice part. That's my first time to answer a multiple choice that fast. Yey! :) Anyway, I'm nervous with the essay part. :/ Aw. I might be wrong there.

Anyway, simbang gabi was... wintry. Well, I felt cold the whole period of it and it's ridiculous. The homily was like... "-namehere- na ama ni -namehere- na ama ni -namehere-..." and it was downright funny. Even the priest, which is the same priest that holds masses at school, was also finding it funny. I could see him smile within his pauses and even the other listeners can't seem to follow up with him. He gave us a lot of names. Three sets of generations - as he said, with 14 generations each set.

Jesher was sweet. Let's put it that way. He cuddles me like I'm a bear but I know I'm not. Do I look like one? Don't think so. =)) Hmn. He was talkative, by the way. I think almost everyone in the place could hear him. He's cuteee. :D But, you know. Hahaha.

Okay, I'm tired. I still need to recall what I've studied. Night!

Charm. :)

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