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I just wanna use your love.
Saturday, November 14, 2009,7:23 PM
Dead bored. Sick of love. Meaningless joke.
Core? Dead. Sick. Meaningless. *Yuck, ang emo ng intro ko. 8-|*

Just watched Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Music Vid. Yow mehn! She rocks talaga. I'm such an avid fan. Blimey, she looks dashing with her black costume. And also with the shades thinggy. Rawr. So bitchy. Pero kahit ganon siya manamit, I still love her. She's such a singer kase. :D

Today was soooooo tiring. I mean it, guys. Really. The practice was splendid. I enjoyed very much. Though I really stinked because of sweat, it was still worth it. We, Daltons really find a way to laugh even at those strenuous times. Good thing Alladin feels better today. We could really start the parteyy. <:D Yeah, 'coz we are complete once more. Woah-oh, I'm feeling you baby. Don't be afraid to jump then fall, jump then fall into me. That song waked me up to a sunny morning. I remembered Kyle's line. "Infidels! You have touched. The forbidden treasure. Now you shall not see the light of day." Sorry, namemorize ko na. Paulit-ulit eh. Haha. So yeah, he's so great at it. A big "Hurray!" for Kyle! XD

Passed and received quotes today. We were so bored so I borrowed Kathrine's phone and sent some quotes she had. She did the same with mine too. :) Even Dadie did. She even sent some images - namely those of Arron's - from my phone to hers. So yeah, that's pretty much of it. Not much of a thing to tell, huh? Wag ganyan. Wala ako masabe eh. :))

What else? I enjoyed my part at the play. The part after the starting one. So you got the picture. I'm so excited for the play. I really hope we'll be able to deliver this on all our best. Feet would all be forward. :b Idiomatic yun ah! Wala lang. Sherrr.

Enjoyed Tumblr. The images there were cuteee! I just can't stop staring at Megan Fox. I kept dreading about her being a man before. Why does she have to be so beautiful? Kung hindi lang talaga sa past niya, I could be one of her avid fans na. But I'm a fan of hers naman. Not that much nga lang. You know why, for sure.

Sarmie was funny. Yes, she is. She lifted me and her hold was too tight. My sides hurt. Slight lang. And she's fond of Tom too. She said, "Tignan niyo si Tom." when she mean, "Tignan niyo si Paul." Ang layo naman ng pangalan. =)) Maybe she sees Paul as a Tom-material. Wow, Sarmie ah. I hope you'll read this. I really do.

See these!

Sooooo excited for New Moon. Oh, and by the way, let's watch 2012 too! :) It would be great right? Then we'll have a sip of Zagu afterwards. We'll play a bit in Tom's World or Quantum before leaving pa. Well, that's a bit of a plan for those days. Hahaha. Sino kaya makakasama ko sa panonood? Dalton panigurado. c:

Quote of the Day:
What a person needs is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens.

Sleepiness intrudes my almost-peaceful and tenseless routine. Okay, better be off than sleep in front of the PC. Good night guys! Don't let the bed bugs bite. That hurts. Lol.

Let me break the ice,
Charm. :p

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