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Wednesday, September 23, 2009,10:11 PM
I laughed my heart out this day. Repulsive? Naw. Just, y'know, maybe you're thinking like it's over-the-top. Hyperbole, dude. :D Relax.

Tuesday. Lol. This was a fun day. TLE was fun. I enjoyed making isometric drawings out of the orthographic ones. Yeah, I speak alien. Kidding. :) I don't think those terms are familiar though.

I was drenched in sweat, and I really mean it literally at PE time. We played hardcourt, I mean, whole court. rofl. Our team lost but we had a lot of fun. Well, it was fun after all. The sweat, dirty fingernails and all stuffs, they're all worth it. I'm so amazed the boys could last four whole quarters and even overtimes. We only had five minutes every quarter and it was like an hour of playing already. I was able to score! Yey. Just a jumpshot. Well, group two's still the best.

Wednesday. The second years will be holding their reco today. God bless! Yeah, a lot of them said it was fun. It's good that they enjoyed it. We did too. ^^

Math was fun. For the first time in my life, I loved math. lmao. I got a perfect score on the quiz and a few recitation points. Yeah, maybe I drank some Felix Felicis unawarely. Haha.

Computer was boring. *wallbash. For the first time, I wasn't able to do the activity correctly. :( The formulas just wouldn't work! I so hate it. I'm planning to do it next time, that would be Monday, after the activity we would be given. I really want a grade there, as much as possible, a high one.

Ela was \m/! Sir just showed us his talent in beatboxing. He asked us to sing the chorus of Torete while he made those spitting sounds to accompany our voices. Sir is really talented at that one. It rained. Joke! But, m'yeah, it's amazing.

Recess. I'm actually telling you my whole day. I ate a lot. Hahaha. So hungry.

Science was... funny. T. Tessa talked us into a serious topic then she made a joke about it. Renzo, get a grip. Poor Kyle. roflmao. I just can't help but laugh about that. Though I don't think Kyle feels so bad about it, they still need to act... normal. Peace out, yo!

Filipino was funny too. T. Lyna was just - how am I supposed to phrase it? - so energetic today. She even laughed a lot today. Jared and Paolo keeps on saying funny things - like you would care to know and laugh about it - today.

AP was the best subject today. Not because of the lesson but because of the fun things in there. Jared and Paolo on the lead. Again. They just said random things, actually off-topic, but we don't care anyway. Jared even lead the prayer and his prayer were full of 'free plays' in it. They always ask T. Emmie and now even Sr. George for free plays. I really hope we get one.

This is sooo far from the topic. The line is, "I don't care if I'm still single as long as I can mingle." Yuck. Doesn't seem appropriate. And it doesn't sound good to the ears.

It's not healthy anymore. I really think so. Should I make the decision now?

Maybe that's all? I'm still off to read HP7. Good night everyone.

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