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Tuesday, January 12, 2010,8:06 PM
Wala ng gagawin ang taong masipag. Marami pang gagawin ang taong tamad.

I was hit by that one huh? :)) SAPUL! Hey, I want to show you something. This one really amazed me. Credits to: Tumblr.

See? I told you it's awesome. OMG. I was like, "WOAH! How were they able to do that?" But I guess it's true. There isn't something questionable aside from what I've asked above. It doesn't look like an edited one for me, and I really guess it is not. Or maybe, I'm not a good critic at all. x)) But really, this is just sooooooo great. I wonder who thought that? :D He's a great man, for sure.

Nothing too good today. We'll be having a quiz in Math tomorrow. I wish I'll pass it. Well, I know we're not friends but I wish Math'll be nice to me tomorrow. Bummer. x_x It's been pretty good to me today, I even contributed on our group. Yey! We had another clip. I never realized solving could be fun too. Just ignore the presence of pressure and there you go! ;)

Played FarmVille. XD Lol. I remember hearing my dad say, "Mas maganda pa farm ko kesa sayo." And then I'll tell him, "Mas maganda pa grades ko kesa sayo." =))))) That's the funniest exchange we ever had. He laughed the same time I did, which make us both laugh harder. Mom and CJ joined in too. Ugh. I miss them both.

Currently reading Confessions of a Shopaholic. Finally! I'm reading it. :x I've wanted to read this since when, last year? Yeah. And now, I'm reading it. \m/ I'm gonna buy the book soooooon! Really really soon, I swear. And I'm gonna buy Sophie's other books too. I'll just have to save up for them. I'm sure they're a bit pricey.

Became an example for the oral comm in ELA. Darn, that knocked me to death and shame, really. My legs and hands were shaking and I can't seem to get the words out of my mouth. Why do I always have to experience that whenever I report or something? :o I was so tensed I couldn't think straight. Good thing I've made notes. *sigh*

I BADLY WANT KRISPY KREME! RAAAAAAWR! ;o I'm warning you, I could kill. ;] Please keep your ten-mile-radius distance when I'm infuriated. Hahahaha. Kiddin'. But I really want Krispy Kreme. Fer real.

I know I've posted the sentence I've posted below, but I just want to place it there, maybe it was meant there. *sigh* Thanks fer reading. Goodie night. :-h

My loves die even before they're born.

Charm. :|

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