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If cramming was a sport
Wednesday, January 13, 2010,8:54 PM
I'd play VARSITY. ;p

Was sick lately. Actually, I still am. Well, I don't know what's wrong with me. My tummy just aches. x_x Then, I had a headache and they said I was hot. Not the HOT applied to sexy girls huh? I mean, literally. I was hot and then I was advised to go down to the clinic and take this and that. I managed to make it after Science, cause we had a fuggin' quiz. I was able to take the quiz though I'm not sure of my answers. If ever I'll fail on that one, blame it to the fckn colds. :| Ugh, I was really dizzy and I can't avoid myself from feeling it, that's why I changed my position frequently to prevent it. In the end, my efforts were nonsense. I tried to last until Music but I couldn't. I asked Kathrine to accompany me to the clinic before I completely loose conciousness. I feel like I really have a fever. Good thing I was able to walk without falling over or tripping. That would make me feel worse.

Nurse Archel - I don't know if I got the right spelling, who the heck cares, anyway? - had my temperature checked. T'was 37 degrees. I was screamin' on my head, "HUH? 37 only? But I feel like I really have a fever. Ugh." He asked me if I had allergic rhinitis or maybe known as sinusitis. I said my dad has it, but I guess I don't. Maybe, maybe not. I haven't really checked that one up. I just wish I don't have one. It's hard to have sinusitis according to my dad. He keeps on putting certain ointments or what on his nose just to make him feel better. And he sneezes loudly, which makes me uncomfortable. It's like he is blowing his nose right out of his face. Call me overreacting, but if you'll be able to see that one face-to-face almost everyday - and not to mention he's your dad - I don't know if you'll feel good about it.

He told me to drink Vitamin C supplements and drink a lot of water. I was thinking of Tubig + Pahinga + Neozep. And I smiled at him and went out. I wasn't really feeling better until the end of Filipino. T. May made me laugh hard and I just noticed that my head isn't heavy anymore. Hahaha. It isn't aching now. So I really went on with the wind and enjoyed the whole period. I even tried to do the chord for D in the guitar. I asked my parents if I could buy a guitar - they've planned to buy one from Cebu before - so I could learn how to play early. It would lessen the hard, catch-up times at school. At least, I'll be learning in advance. Self-study! XD

What else am I going to say? Hahaha. I've said a lot already. Well, I saw a motivation in here. I wasn't uttering any Tagalog word yet. Fer the record, huh? ;) Okaayyy, I know, I'm going way to overboard with this. Just let me be, okay?

The day tumblarity died. Or maybe, BRB. ;))) Psh. I miss tumblarity sooooo much, even if it's just for a day. Well, I've been used to it for a couple of months. It's really hard to accept changes. Even Plurk has a LIKE button already. I mean, link. That's saying something. *evil grin* Really. Lol.

Oh, remembering... LOL means lots of love. Yeah. Great, isn't it? Even TSS means something. That's so sweet. Yeah, so I just shared it. Whatever. c;

Good night people. Thanks fer reading.

Charm. ^^

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