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I've got a bucket full of love.
Tuesday, May 4, 2010,6:15 PM
3 cups of Hope
2 cups of Tenderness
5 cups of Love
4 cups of Faith
3 tbsp. of Loyalty
1 barrel of Laughter
6 tbsp. of Forgiveness
2 certain Person
2 cups of Friendship

Procedure: Take Love & Loyalty, mix it, good with Faith; blend with Tenderness and Forgiveness, Kindness and Understanding. Add Friendship and Hope. Sprinkle with laughter. Bake it in sunshine and serve to two Deserving Persons.
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Three more days left before the due date of our water bill. :)) I found myself dumbstruck that I broadcasted that. Oh, silly me. Good evening btw.

Found a copycat. I'm pretty sure That got it from me. IDC. Well, as long as I know that I'm the original, it doesn't matter anymore. I don't wanna make a big deal out of the whole COOL statement. We're cool, aren't we? ;) And it's just a few words to begin with.

I love this recipe. I salute the one who made that. REALLY! That's the reason I want to be a chef someday. Hahaha. I want to be a lawyer, a flight stewardess (now this one's impossible), interior designer, now a chef? I'll figure out what I really want maybe when I get older. Like, when I'm graduating. I guess.

So what am I supposed to say? Oh. I remembered something. :">

I saw him. :"> And he made my day. It was just a few glances but... those mean a lot to me. I saw him wearing a gray graphical shirt. Or was it a statement shirt? I wasn't sure. I wasn't looking at the shirt, for crying out loud! I was looking at his face. And. I. Melted. :"> They were practicing this dance. And their song was Whatcha Say. AWWW. And they're steps were kind of taken from the video from So You Think You Can Dance. I guess. I'm not really sure but the steps that I saw were identical, I mean, they're the same. Maybe it's a remix, anyway. They love to do that.

Good thing I was able to stop my legs from running to him. YUCK. WHAT THE HELL AM I TYPING HERE?! :o I swear I didn't mean to put that. Lol. Okay. Next topic. I might type something I will regret in the future.

We inquired for my brother. I think he's going to study in my school too. Not sure. With my parents, things could change even for a day. ;) But I am definitely going to that school, no doubt. No plans of transferring at all! XD

Ohmy. Now that I saw him, I'm starting to miss him much more... :| And it sucks. I just want to see him so bad it might kill me. Well, I was exaggerating at that part. I wouldn't kill myself. I'm not that violent. x)) I hope they perform that dance to us when we have classes. I would be very happy if they'll do.

Period. Potamasakitsiya. Like, PMS, weirdo. Bendita mode. I love my brother in that video. Wanna see it? Check my FB.

I'll end it here.

I feel... melted. =))))

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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