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Jeogi byeolbitmajeodo modu gajyeoda jultende.
Monday, January 11, 2010,8:42 PM
Love you, love you, love you, yeongwonhi.

Fave episode ever. New Caledonia's my dream island. :x

Yi Jeong and Gail. :")

I feel like I want to post more, but I don't want to crowd my entry naman. :)) And titled this entry with a part of the lyrics of a Korean song, still from BOF. Well, you get the picture. :)) The title, "Jeogi byeolbitmajeodo modu gajyeoda jultende." when translated is, "I'd take everything under the starlight and give them to you." Don't you find it sweet? Add up the episodes playing in my mind. ♥ It's really nice to fee love though I'm really not. Lol.

The header is another Korean song naman. "Love you, love you, love you, yeongwonhi." Is quite easy to translate. Quite, I repeat. I'm actually not sure of the translations here. XD I just found them below the song lyrics. So, maybe, they're right. Anyway, the translation for that one is, "Love you, love you, love you, forever." Tch. I'm feeling LOVE in the air again. Screw that up. I shouldn't. :s

What about today? Had some fun, and some bad times too. Should we start with the unlikeable events first? FIRST ON THE LIST: Class picture. Yeah, I feel utterly stupid during the whole pictorial. Wow, pictorial talaga? Pasosyal naman. :3 Anyway, I smiled and projected but I have a feeling that it wouldn't look good anyway. Whatever. I was never beautiful. x_x

Next, Dadie was feeling bad after the picture taking. Well, I just hate seeing her that way. It makes me feel sad too. Of course, that's because she's my bestie. And whatever she feels - even her opinions with things, affects me. That's why I felt sad too.

Math, as usual, kills me. x_x I was able to understand the interest problem given to us. *I'm really good at this lying thing, huh!* But seriously, I can't understand anything. x)) I just tried to answer it, and I'm not even sure of my answer. I just hope I'll be able to get it tomorrow, so that I wouldn't have any difficulty with those later on. *wallbash*

Uhm. What else? I hate my lunch. Hahaha. But I soooo love my dinner. Barbeque! Always fills me up. Ugh. I'm running out of words and stories. Tomorrow na lang? ü

It's a piece of paper, a few numbers. I mean, just how scary can a few numbers be?

Charm. ;)

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