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You can't be too careful anymore.
Friday, October 2, 2009,10:36 PM
So take me as I am. Must've mean you'll have to be a stronger man. :P

I'm so sorry guys. I conveyed a wrong news. I'm really sorry. I did believe there was a storm this morning, though there isn't yet. I texted T. Johna and she told me to cancel the practice. I'm really sorry. I should've asked all of you first.

I feel guilty. So much. Because of me, and that stupid message, we weren't able to practice. I wasn't even allowed by my mom to go to school today 'coz she thought we might be stranded. But it was sunny the from the morning till the afternoon. When, I guess, 2:30pm came, it started to drizzle. Then, that's it. No intense rain or something.

I felt relieved, when one of our directors wasn't mad at me. And he even resumed a practice in the afternoon. Though we weren't able to do anything, we still had fun. XD

We went to Aldwin's house and stayed there, suppossedly to practice, but we ended up scaring each other. Well, it was fun, except for a prank-caller in the person of CJ. :)), a walkie-talkie-user, Aldwin, a story-teller Paul, a loud-screamer Charm, the girl who received a sermon, Shiela and a screamer Grazielle. The names are corny. I know. Just don't mind them, okay?

Aldwin used a walkie-talkie in his room to tell us a message. "Jed, magpractice na kayo." We were all surprised by the sudden addition of a hoarse and curt voice that Aldwin made. We thought it was his dolls talking but we discovered that it was a walkie-talkie. Aldwin surprised us when he entered. That started all the scary stuffs. Paul told us some scary stories and we talked about scary chain messages. Even fake chains. Then they told us about miss calls with 666 blahblah as their trace numbers. CJ called Jed's phone and he screamed. I screamed too because I was suprised. Then a lot of things happened. A lot of screams were heard. We ate a pizza. I forgot what flavor that was and a softdrink. We took some pictures and watched cartoons. It was so fun there. Though I was scared, I was happy. :)

I love my new skin. It took me hours to finish it. I made a lot of changes. With the colors and everything. Hahaha. I enjoyed the outcome. Everything was worth it.

I ate a lot for dinner. I love Goldilocks' puto. Wee. <3

You've got to reach out,
Charm. :3

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