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What would happen if Christmas Carols told a lie?
Friday, December 25, 2009,6:45 PM
Tell me what would you find?

Merry Christmas everybody! This is the happiest Christmas for me. How 'bout yours? How was it? :)) Mine? It was awesome. *yeah. i already said that it was the happiest. :))* So yeah, lemme tell you why I labeled this Christmas like that.

We watched Freaky Friday last night. Just letting time pass by so we'll just be surprised that it is 12:00 in the morning. After the movie, it was about 1:20 or something. So we ate again. The same thing we ate at dinner. *barbeque, baked mac, fruit salad, macaroni salad, peachy-peachy, ham, spag* Yum! This really made my tummy big. ^o^ I feel like I'm throwing up. I'm soooo full. :o

Slept for about six hours? Maybe. We have to hear mass kasi. So I woke up 7:-something- to prepare for the mass. We heard mass at Sto. Nino de Molino Parish Church. Good thing it's not that crowdy. Maybe some are still sleepy after the Noche Buena. :) After the mass, we went to Kuya Cedric's place. He's my cousin, by the way. He offered us some pasta and fruit salad. We even ate some bibingka. That was yummy! ;p So yeah. That's it. :D

We went back to the house to change clothes naman. I don't want to go strolling down the block saying, "Namamasko po!" with a pink polo shirt and pants. :/ That's inappropriate for the weather which is blazin' hot. Kidding. It's hot outside and I need to wear something that would keep me from sweating too much. So we changed clothes and waited for my Tita Amy so that we'll go to Tita Cora's place later.

I watched The Phantom of the Opera while waiting for them. They sang so beautifully that they had me concentrating very well. It was kinda funny 'coz I got my head stickin' out and staring at the TV with unyielding concentration. Whatever. x)) Hahaha. That's it. I didn't get much of the story 'coz I wasn't able to watch the start but I love Christine so much. She sang so great - though I feel she's only lipsinging, like the other actors - and she's beautiful! :] I wish I had that face. And her waistline... it was... small. Gawd!

Slept after the credits. I left the TV opened and when I woke up, Tita Amy and Cheska stared at me smiling. Hahaha. That was embarassing. They saw me sleep. I wonder what I look like in that sleep. I was with CJ pala. ^^ I mean, we're both sleeping. I stood up then washed my face. I ate some fruit salad and talked to them na. They gave me a cute gift. It was a bag. And I love it.

Went to Tita Cora's place by that time. She offered us kare-kare and it was delicious! :P Really! Afterwards, I played with Kuya Allan and her girlfriend, Ate Wai Mei. We played 'tong-its' and 'pusoy dos'. But don't get us mistaken. No money was involved. Swear. Even a dime. *crossmyheart* Hahaha. Had a lot of fun. Even with CJ distracting and all that.

Ate spaghetti after. We had a couple of rounds in the play and we're laughing and all that. =)) That was the fun part. Then CJ was, "Uwi na tayo!" so we had to go home na. We said our goodbyes and left.

Here at home, my inaanak came. Don't even dare ask what his name is! ;D He's cute. Very. And that's it. Period. Had a small talk and CJ received more gifts. Now, I'm currently eating spaghetti. :x I never really get sick of it. It's just so delicious.

Oh, I just want to thank all those people who greeted me personally. Merry Christmas everyone! :*

Charm. ~:)

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