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Saturday, September 5, 2009,7:49 PM
I've just started listening to the song Battle by Colbie Caillat. I think it's quite old but I only heard it today. :)) The song's great. It doesn't have any connection with the last part in my blog. I just find it nice, the song. *I seem to be outdated with this.*

Well, I forgot to blog for days. Not that I intended to forget it, but because I'm so damn busy.

When was my last post? Oh, never mind that. I will not tell you what happened in the past few days when I'm gone off doing school works. I wont go talking them to anybody now. :P

Today was a cold, rainy day. :( I woke up at about 8 or 9 in the morning and read Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I ate my breakfast while reading and I'm nearly at its ending! XD Oh well, then, I opened the internet and started browsing. Then, I ate a very delicious mechado for lunch and dressed up for the dance club this afternoon. Dreadful, this day was at that part because it was raining so hard and there was a traffic jam. Guess what? I came late. Good thing not everyone noticed me coming late. :] After that, I helped some elementary students with their dance steps. Some of them kind of forgot it already so we were asked to lead them in recalling the steps. Then, after a long time of recalling some - I actually memorized the steps easily that I taught some how - we practiced the dance whole. After it, they practiced another song and I was off to text. Good thing Sir Ryan just caught me once during the break or else he'll confiscate it. x] Okay, then, there was it. I was joined by Ira in going home and we talked about a lot of things. So many things. :DD:DD:DD:DD

What else for today? I ate a lot for my snack because I was having a bad mood. Know why? Someone told something that offended me. Not so much but just enough to ruin my mood. The rain didn't help too. I had a hard time in coming to school, eh? But then again, all I have to say was... (this one's in Filipino)

"Wag mo 'kong pangunahan. Yun lang naman. Na-eexcite ka ata masyado e. O nag-aassume na ganon pa rin yung feelings ko sa tao. For crying out loud, kilala mo ba crush ko? Well, I'm sure no kasi hindi ko naman sinabi sa'yo e. At kung alam mo man, 'di mo naman siya kilala. Tapos magsasabi ka ng ganon. Haay. Di naman sa masyadong galit ah, nayayabangan lang kasi. Di ako umaasa sa taong yun at tantanan niyo na 'ko tungkol sakanya. May crush akong iba, may crush siyang iba, may kanya-kanya kaming buhay. Please lang."

Hihi. Peace to all. I just don't want them pushing me to my limit. They're or He's getting near it. Okay, maybe that's enough for today. Good night everyone!

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