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Thursday, December 24, 2009,12:17 PM
Not only you and me.

It's time for a change! :D Yeah. It's obvious that I've got a new skin right here. And I love it! :x So I'm changing my blogging format too.

Thinking of it nearly killed me. -- well that's just a hyperbole, huh? -- but I really fret for not being able to update this one. You missed those overjoyed days tuloy. :c I never got to share them with you. I forget the others too. How am I supposed to tell you about it? I just hope I'll be able to remember them.

December 17, 2009. Thursday. Last day of Periodicals! <:P
I was really exultant this day. We even practiced some dance steps... that we didn't dance in the end. :)) Well, I'm such a slow learner. :( I used to be a fast one before. What the hell happened to me?! The steps were so fast and complicated. Kat J kept on telling me, "I'm sure you're gonna get it soon." and I'll be saying, "I'm gonna get it somehow." and on my mind I'm thinking, 'Somehow = Never' >:) I ate my lunch at school and ate some Oishi Spicy Prawn Crackers while practicing. It made me blush. 'Coz it's spicy. Hahaha. Nothing else. And yeah, that's it.

December 18, 2009. Friday. Christmas Parteeyyy!
I was assigned one of the emcees but I came late - which is very embarassing on my part. Though I'm not the last person to come and I wasn't considered late really, I still don't feel good about it. Actually, it's the service's fault. I dressed up early and they fetched me late. That was so irritating. Ast school, I helped Kathrine and the others pack some goodies for us then went to sit with T. Johna. I'm an emcee, remember? So yeah. That's it. Goofed around while speaking and played some games. Ate a lot and had fun! The bread with hotdogs inside were cutee and the brownies were delicious, as usual. The siomai was great, so does the clubhouse sandwich. After eating, I was full. :)) I'm so matakaw. x_x I received some presents and they're cuteee! I loved the shirt and round candy from CJ that I still can't consume until now. :] Shopped at SM afterwards. It was fun!

SKIP SKIP SKIP. I can't remember the others anymore! :)

December 23, 2009. Wednesday. Movie Marathon Day!
Watched a couple of movies. The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, and The Rebound. I loved The Ugly Truth so much! It was downright funny. I laughed too loud when I watched. I just can't stop laughing. =))) The Proposal was cool. I had those laughing moments again and yeah, I enjoyed it too. The Rebound is a bit serious naman. It was for adults kasi. I was able to relate - a bit. But I liked the film too. This is the last day of Simbang Gabi too. And I completed it!

December 24, 2009. Thursday. Christmas Eve! ;D
Yey! Later, it's gonna be Christmas! Mom and Dad's gonna call us and it'll be fun. I prepared some of the things we're gonna cook later. I also did the fruit salad. I'm so excited for later. Imma post this one now and I'll thy to update it later. If I could. I'm off to eat lunch now.

Thanks for reading guys. I'll catch up for those days. I'll try to blog everyday. ^^

I don't need a man to make it happen. I get off bein' free. ;p

Charm. XD

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