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Every bad situation have something positive.
Sunday, January 24, 2010,8:57 PM
Even a dead clock shows the correct time twice a day.

I'll be waiting for you. *insert Korean lyrics here* Good evening Blog. Yeah. I was able to blog. :) Good thing I made time fer this one. I don't wanna skip blogging even for a day. Naaah. Boo me! I don't even have anything senseful to say in my posts. And to top it off, nobody reads my blog. XD Too much pessimism? Well, that's better than being sarcastic, isn't it? Atleast, I'm true to myself.

Honestly, I can't understand what I'm typing in here. :)) I just let my hand go over the keyboard. I'm actually thinking about my hairdo tomorrow. As you all know - I hope you all know - I have a long hair and long bangs. Lol, I couldn't call them BANGS anymore. They don't look like one. They're long now. And the problem is, I dunno what will I do to my hair for it to stay up tomorrow. I mean, they won't allow me to play if my hair's all scattered to my face. If those bangs of mine aren't clipped or something, I won't be able to play. Or that's what they say.

There's no point in disobeying rules. We need to win this Palaro. And how the heck could we enjoy it if we get disqualified in one of our games? What if that's the only game you have. You'll get infuriated, for sure. Good thing I have four. ^^

Anyway, it's not that we're gonna die if we didn't win. I just want to win. Just fer that fuggin' grade in PE. Our first practical test depends on our rank in the games. And if we won first place on some, we will receive plus points. I guess that's still the way it is in highschool.

So excited to see the Cheerdance. I wasn't able to see it finished, really. But I was able to see the first part. Those dancers there aren't people. They're too good. :D But honestly speaking, their performance is a must-watch!

Go Epicureans! We can do it. ;>

Stay positive in life.

Charm. ;)

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