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I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting.
Sunday, December 13, 2009,5:07 PM
It's a revolution, the time will come for us to finally win.

Wasn't able to blog yesterday. Sorry for that. Well, what's with December 12, 2009? This is what I've told you in one of my blog posts. Hmn, yeah. That day is the party for my grandma. Well, it wasn't that perfect, but it's great. :) With all of the joined efforts of everyone, we were able to pass with the party. Pure happiness - oh, there's a bit of a conflict pala. I shouldn't have said that. :))

Leave my door open just a crack. Please take me away from here. XD Well, that was a song, huh? Hmn. Conflicts are minimal - really nothing for you to worry about. So that's it. Lemme tell you the happy parts instead. :D

I was persuading gran to give me some money so we could buy meat and all stuffs for the lumpia. She agreed in the end and we rushed to the market at once. Upon reaching home, I tied my now long hair and proceed to the kitchen. There, I helped our yaya and aunt in preparing the meat. After watching them, I helped in wrapping the soon-to-be-lumpia-rolls. :] Yeah, it was fun though I made a few mistakes at first. Atleast now I know how to do them.

This was some sort of a reunion with my dad's siblings, by the way. Everyone was their, except daddy. Tita Amy came first. She and Chesca were our first visitors. They saw us cooking. Tita Amy brought some Pancit Malabon - which is way too delicious - and puto from Goldilocks - my favorite! :P Her daughter and my cousin, Chesca played with CJ at the meantime while I was taking a shower. It's a shame naman kasi if I stink in this very moment. So I made sure that when I hug my relatives, I'm fresh and all that. x))

Tita Cora and Tito Rolly was next. They chatted. And I was inside my room with my aircon on. Wala pa kasi yung iba. I might perspire when I go out so I stayed for a while muna. When Tito Romy and Tita Tina came, I turned off my aircon and went out na. My cousin Ninang Claudette and Kuya Romeo was there. So we chatted kasi all of their conversations were for the adults and working na eh. Ninang was talking to me about the pancit. She was asking me, "You have a new favorite, huh?" and I replied, "Huh?" :)) Then she explained, "Tita Edith told me to cook some carbonara for you. Is that your new fave?" "Mmm... Carbonara's yummy." I pondered. "But spaghetti's still my top pick." I told her.

Yeah, so had more conversations. About school - college school, work, parents, and their conversation at the house. c: After eating, we walked outside and smelled some fresh air. We burned some calories with the walking. When we came back, the desserts were already there. There was macaroni salad, fruit salad, DOUBLE DUTCH! ice cream, and the very delicious Christmas-inspired chocolate cake. I ate a slice of the cake and the ice cream. xp Then we went out again 'coz I was like, MY TUMMY's ROUND AGAIN. Ugh!

We took some pictures with the kids naman. We were like in an orphanage. XD Hehe. Then, we said goodbye to them... Tita Amy and Chesca first, - actually, Tito Rolly was the first - then Tito Eric, Kuya Noel and Tita Amor. Last, we said our goodbyes to Tito Romy, Tita Tina, Ninang Claudette, Kuya Romeo and Tita Cora. That's it. The end of the party. <:)

Is pretty boring. Tumblr, Twitter and Plurk was quiet. Even the texting world. Yeah. So downloaded a few songs and mvids pala. I placed them in my PSP, since I can't put any games in it. Okayy, I'm supposed to be studying pa. I'm finished with Filipino but still halfway through AP. Bye everyone!

Quote of the Day:
She's a girl who lives with the aid of quotes describing what she feels. She thinks she's insubstantial but the guys see her as a perfect woman. She thinks no one takes her seriously but someone does, only secretly. She ends up with the wrong guy because she followed a quote and now she's broken. --Story of a dependent woman. Don't be like her. I'm telling you.

Charm. >:))

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