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I never knew this could cause too much pressure.
Saturday, January 23, 2010,10:32 AM
Must be the nerves. x|

Got my card. I'm supposed to be celebrating, right? I made it to the honor roll. But why the fck am I not happy? Maybe...

I realized something today. It's not with the awards and recognitions you get that measures your happiness. It's something more... I can't put it into words, but this happiness is only felt when you feel so contented and satisfied. Which definitely I'm not, at the moment.

So yeah, haven't blogged fer days. I'm sooo sorry for that. I just don't feel like blogging. I don't want to put all the lameness and boredness of my life here so I just thought to pass. :D I don't have anything to tell you all, in the first place. My days are all - well, some of them aren't - boring. :)

But I wanna blog nao. I wanna share this one. I LOVE OUR JERSEY SO MUCH. :* It's black with a touch of fuchsia pink. Too girly, eh? It's not because of the pink thing. Well, that's a part of it. Though I hate pink... - I think it's too girly (as if I don't have too much pink in my wardrobe) - I just love the way it blended with black. Marvelous.

My nails are colored pink. I mean, light pink. My bag is pinkish, so as my pencil case. What d'you say with that one? Too much pink in my life, isn't it? But my real fave color is Blue. I've also noticed that my cabinet's filled with green and violet stuffs. I guess, I'm just that colorful. XD

I'm really excited for the Palaro. That's the reason I wanna blog again. At least, there'll be a change in my topics for the next few days. They'll all be about how the games went. Maybe about our stand in the level. I'll try to blog that one, if ever I get to know that.

Watched Avatar and Confessions of a Shopaholic last last last yesterday. Yeah, I know it's a school day but I managed to fit it in my sched. We haven't got any assignment that day. Or, I just forgot that we had. :)) But yeah, I'm that kind of student. I'm not a study freak or something. I just study when I feel like I want to. ;)

Imma update this later. It's too early for me to blog. I still have to eat my lunch. I'm a bit hungry.

Hmm. What am I supposed to ask from my mom and dad? Mind helping me? iTouch? iPhone? -- Naah. That's way too expensive. And besides, I already have a phone. Maybe I'll just go with the iTouch. -- How about another shopping spree? Or books? Ugh. I wanna have all, but I have to choose one. Arg. I'm way too undecided. x_x

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Charm. <:P

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