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We're at war; we live like this.
Thursday, October 15, 2009,9:06 PM
"It's not... healthy anymore."

The bulletin board we made - me together with selected first year students - are now replaced by a new one. It was really 'ouch' to see that what we've done, all our efforts, will be replaced by a new one now but I know that time will come that it would be removed, and it came. The day before yesterday, I guess. Here's my greatest contribution in it... my article.

Unnoticed Riches.

In God's most artistic hands, He made the world. He showered us with blessings, and one of it is what we called Mother Nature. Each wonders of the world has its own personality. Its beauty depends on the one looking at it. If we just pay attention to other wonders of nature as well, we can unravel the naked truth that Earth has its Alien-looking places, only they weren't given much attention.

First on the list are the Dry Valleys in Antartica that are said to be the Mars on Earth. Their barren gravel-strewn floors, fascinating landscape within Victoria Land west of McMurdo Sound receives almost no snowfall except for a few steep rocks. They are the only continental part of Antartica devoid of ice. This terrain seems to look something impossible for Earth to possess; the valley's floor occasionally contains a perennially frozen lake with several meters of thick ice. Laying underneath the ice - in the extremely salty water - live mysterious simple organisms, a subject of on-going research.

Another example of an Alien-looking place are the giant opencast mines of Rio Tinto in Spain. It creates a surreal, almost lunar landscape that people can suspect to be made of photoshop effects, but no, this one's real. Its growth has consumed not only mountains and valleys but entire villages whose populations has to be resettled in specially built towns nearby. This one's named after the river which flows through the region itself named after the reddish streaks that colors its water. Rio Tinto has become a landscape within a landscape. The water of this river colored of almost flame red is highly acidic (pH 1.7 - 2.5) and rich in metals.

If we just pay attention to these wonders that Earth has for us, we will be able to protect them before they get destroyed.

Reference: http://oddee.com/item_96656.aspx

Ibong Adarna na bukas! Yeeesh, kaexcite. I'm really looking forward my vanmates. I suspect it to be fun in there. Dalton is love!! Grabe. Ang saya maging Dalton. :) Especially when we're doing the IP, practices and such. Hmn... while waiting for the teacher? Yeah. And during AP, ELA, Public Speaking and Filipino times. Lol! :))

We practiced some dance steps lately. I got my memory refreshed! Thanks to all of them. I'm really excited on doing the play. We've been doing good these days. I hope we'll be continuing that good job. Sana talaga maganda ang kalabasan ng play namin.

I did good on my practical test in PE. But better in TLE. Whew! Doing the angular perspective drawing is sooo fun. Though it confuses me with all those lines and stuff, I still find it fun and everything. Bravo, whoever invented it. *salute*

I just finished The Devil and Miss Prym today and I'm now starting off with Veronika Decides to Die. Kewl titles, huh? I'm no rebel and I'm absolutely not an anti-Christ too. I'm just fascinated with the lessons these stories tell us. That's not bad, right? XD

I'm really soooo excited for the play tomorrow. And of course for the shopping time. Well, lol. Secret. I'm sure to have fun here. Absolutely. And I'm really excited for CLVE. I really hope it ends up fun and everything. The skirts from the girls and the pants, I guess from the boys. T. Malou really has a taste of activities. =)))

Wish us luck for tomorrow's busy day. Science is going to be real hard. *wallbash*

I even fell for that stupid love song,
Charm. :/

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