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Monday, August 10, 2009,10:17 PM
Heya! :D Just wanna greet yoo!

So today's another fun-filled day. AP Time's got the laughing soul out of me.

T. Emmie: "Anu-anong produkto ang makukuha natin sa sugarcane?"
Aldwin & John Paul: "Asin!"

Roars of laughter were heard after this. Who wouldn't laugh?! Oh, maybe you find it corny but if you're there and see their faces (confident and sure), you'll burst out laughing too. =)))

The time we spent inside our service (it was long because of a traffic jam) today was so fun! We added some words to our names. They're a bit touchy to some. But it's our own names and we made them with a permission of the owners of the names we used.

Hmn, what else? CLVE?! Oh, I cried. That was a mixed feeling. I needed to clean my eyes for they are dirty. Kiddin'! The reason was I felt bad about my classmate about what he told me. I need not to mention it anymore since we have solved it already. Another thing was a friend of mine, without my knowledge, was irritated to me one day for I shouted at her. I admit that I shouted, but I didn't mean it. And she knows it already. We're okay now and she said it was nothing. But I still said sorry. Hmn, doesn't sound much of a reason to cry right? But I just felt like crying. And when the traitor tears fell, I can't force them back up anymore. They just keep on flowing like rapids in my face. Thank goodness it abruptly stopped. :D I don't want to catch more attention and be called "The Crying Lady". Hahaha.

But aside from that, the rest of the day went smoothly. That's all for today? I'm really not sure. But one thing I'm certain... I feel sleepy again. ^^ So, I'm off to bed. Good night!

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