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Tuesday, August 18, 2009,4:22 PM
Just changed my blog skin. Again. =)) I just love this new one. I still have no plan to change it. Yet.

Er, I just noticed lately that the dates on my entries are wrong. *Kasi naman e. Mali ung Timeline! Tsk!* But now, I had changed it and it looks better than before. I have a couple of lines from my classmates that I laughed at.

Charm: Bakit may picture ka dito? Kailangan ba daw dapat?
Zubenel: E kasi cute ako!

Si Aldwin nagkakamot...
Dalton: Sige! Kamot! Kamot ka ng kamot! =))

Wahaha. Share ko lang. They really made me laugh hard. Actually, there's a lot of them but I have forgotten them. I swear, they're more funnier! :D

Okay, what else? I have the Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix with me now. And it's dominantly blue! Wohoo! It looks great. I'm so excited to start reading it but I still have to study. Oh, another thing, I'm currently addicted to Six Feet Under The Stars & Poppin' Champagne - All Time Low, That's The Way I Loved You - Taylor Swift and Brighter & Pressure - Paramore. Why don't you try listening to them? They sound so good. :)

I went home from school at about 1:00 or something. It's because our service left us there. The last trip that we saw is just only one and it's full of students already. That's why we can't join in there anymore. We are forced to stay and hang out on school grounds. Loitering, to be exact. I bought a melon shake from the cafeteria to stuff me up. I'm starving at that time already. It's not boring, thank goodness, and I had so much fun. I chatted with my friends about a lot of things. Harry Potter, Monarchies (courtesy of Zubenel) and couple of teases. Oh well, I'm talking so much today. As usual! Blah blah blah. After a while, I reached home and opened the laptop right away. I'm currently studying now and I need to concentrate.

Speaking of STUDYING!, I still need to study so I better go now. I need to have good grades 'coz I don't feel I'm gonna get one in Science, Math and TLE. But I really do hope I get one. I don't want to get disappointed or something with not being an awardee for the first quarter. I have to. I need to! *I'm desperate!* But whatever I do, I just go with the flow. I don't know why. I'm like a happy-go-lucky person. But then again, aside from those, God always bless me with awards every academic year. Okay, I really have to go. Thanks for reading and enjoy my new page, huh?! Ciao!

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