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It's like a prey, playing games with the hunter.
Friday, October 23, 2009,8:59 PM
It's never easy.

Banat for the day: "Simula nung minahal kita hanggang ngayon, daig ko ba ang natraffic sa EDSA. Bakit kamo? I can't move on."

Whatever. Wag niyo na pansinin yung nasa taas. Naaliw lang ako. May EDSA kasing binaggit e. :)) I haven't blogged for two consecutive days. Sorry for that. Haha. Hey, wait, just wanna plug this one. --> New Literature Page. Please read my newest story, A Tangled Love Story. <-- Thanks!

Wednesday: This was the day, I guess, that we laughed a lot about everything. :)) But I forgot what are those thing we laughed at. Sorry.

Thursday: We had a periodical test in PE. What else? Niel had his oral comm ni Filipino and it all but made us laugh our a** off. =)) We was soooo funny. I swear.

Going back to reality. That reality is today. *Korni ko noh?*
So yeah, we had agape this afternoon and it was half-serious, half-not. Get it? Uhm, yeah, as usual, I cried. Even when I was sharing, I was also crying. Lol. No, not because of what I shared. Ironic, isn't it? You know why? Kasi naman. Ayoko i-share yung iniiyakan ko eh. Not that I don't trust anyone in there, actually I do. Only that, it's not just my secret. The other one involved should also confirm if I could go telling everyone about it.

Hmn, what else? We practiced a lot of dance steps today. I really want to win this one. Haha. God bless to all of us. We have a project in AP in relation to a comic strip so I'm not drawing. Lol. It would all look like children's scribbles when I will do that one. What kind of grade will our teacher give us? No way! :P

Periodical exams are coming. So soon. On Monday, the damnation will start. Well, God bless to all of us. May we all have passing grades. And to me, may I satisfy myself with my grades this quarter. :) CLVE and ELA are for the first day. I really wish I'll have a high grade on both subjects. Actually, I need to have high ones on all because... yeah, you probably know it.

We played Plants VS. Aliens in Kat J.'s laptop before going home from school. It was so fun. With Maan making those sond effects, Jed telling us what those things could do, Kat J., Ampie, Xander and me tensed about the game's outcome. We even thought of losing so that we'll see what happens though we weren't able to do it. 'Coz we always defeat the enemies without even wanting to. ^^

That ends my post for now. Thanks for reading, huh? :-h

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