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Here we go again, circles never end.
Sunday, December 6, 2009,6:52 PM
I can feel the spirit of Christmas. *burrrr*

This is the best day ever! <:P Sunod-sunod ba naman?! :))
I received two wristwatches, a phone, two bottles of my fave perfume, a laptop case, a computer table and a bunch of chocolates! They all came at the same time. I was like, "Merry Christmas!" already. This is so advance. Are you sure it's just December 6? I feel like I'm in December 24.

T o b l e r o n e is <33333333 I'm certainly addicted to this chocolate right now. Specifically, the white one. Weeeee! Really tastes like heaven. :D I also love the brown one - the original and the first Toblerone I've ever tasted, and the one with both the brown and white. ;)

The stars lay down to kiss you. I lay awake and miss you. Owl City rocks! \m/ Their songs are great! The lyrics are all adorable. :D My faves are Vanilla Twilight and Fireflies so far. The others are good too. I'm singing a new song nga pala. I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know. Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you. <3

Enjoyed texting with friends a while ago. Naalala ko tuloy si Emma Roberts. She's gorgeous. I actually have a poster of her courtesy of Total Girl. Speaking of TG, I haven't bought a TGmag for a couple of months na. :| I hope I could buy another one soon. Again. I want the one with Edward and Jacob's photos in it. I mean, R.Patz and Lautner, huh?

Cuties na rin lang ang pinag-uusapan, I saw ARRON VILLAFLOR this afternoon in ASAP. He made my day. Again. :") He's just so hot as ever. And he had more exposures too. I was doing my notes in CLVE but I abruptly stopped when I saw his face. He's just soooooo irresistible. His face is angelic and adorable. Really. He's gorgeous too. I hope he'll be given a soap or a show that he would star in - a major role for the handsomest boy ever! :">

OMG. I can't wait to see Paramore in Manila! I hope I'll be allowed to go to their concert. I really hope sooo. omo. I want a ticket!!! :) Have some? Share mo naman.

Okay, I'm still gonna fix my things for tomorrow. Good night everyone! Sweet dreams. :-h

Quote of the Day:
Why do you always look for someone perfect when all you need is someone real?

Drifting off into the candlelight,
Charm. >:)

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