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Now I know love isn't painless
Saturday, May 1, 2010,1:09 PM
But it's worth the risk, worth the fight.

Good afternoon. HAHA. I am sooooo inactive! x_x My blog is sooo boring already. I am so sorry guys.

Happy Labor Day people! Pay tribute to people who work hard just to earn money and be able to eat delish foods. While we, the fortunate ones, just sit back, relax and waste the money our parents worked hard for. Just had to say this. Cause I'm actually doing it.

Well, hmm? What can I say? I forgot to update this post yesterday evening so I'm posting what happened today. I couldn't remember last night's events. Or I don't want to. :)

I'm such a meanie. Don't ask why! ;) Anyway, I watched 2 awesome movies today. I Am Legend and Catch & Release. As usual, they're movies from the last few years and I'm late again. XD I Am Legend was great. But it was scary too. What if that happens now at our time? It's very difficult and people that are infected could kill their loved ones. And for sure they won't know it. SPOILER AHEAD. T'was great that the doctor was successful with his cure. But the way he knew it was not right. He should've discovered it earlier. His plan was successful afterall. His sacrifice proved that he is really noble. And maybe those monsters would be restored to normal after the cure being discovered.

Catch & Release was a love story again. Maybe it could be considered as a chick flick. :)) Anyway, it's about a girl who lost his fiance the day before their wedding. And she discovers things that the man has been keeping from her. The ending: She falls in love with his fiance's friend. :)

Talk about rotating brownout. Ugh. I so hate it! This morning, I woke up and the power were off. I woke up with drenched in sweat like I've been running around our subdivision for like 100 times?! That made my day. And yes, I am being sarcastic.

What else happened that night? OH! I watched The Back-Up Plan too. :) It was funny and all that. Lol. Jennifer Lopez's movies are really a must-watch. :-bd Two thumbs up! And the ending was funny too. I'm like, "O_O Another baby?" =)))) Loved it!

HMMMM? Now I'm lost for words. I don't know what to say. Maybe I'll watch another movie.. The Longest Yard maybe? I don't know. But since I'm watching online, I sure have a lot of movies to choose from.

Good night for now people.


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