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You know the way to my heart.
Friday, November 13, 2009,6:40 PM
Date Written: November 12, 2009

You're the one who set me free from those barricades I made.

I wasn't able to blog today. Amp. The internet connection failed once more. Darn. Okay, I'm telling you what happened. :)

Things seem to be better today. Even SNN's keynote was Getting Better. So yeah, I'm sure you got the picture. ü

→ Our play seemed better. 8-| Haha. Never mind that smiley, it's just that the practice was tiring. It really exhausted me. My legs hurt too. Both of them. Wth? I'm calling all of these the Graded Damnation. Why so? All of these hardships that we encounter are all graded. I mean, we would all be payed off in the end. Not by the win - but it could be a part of that too - but also of a job well done. It's pretty evident that we are all giving our best shots here. :)) Hello? And yes, we are all giving sacrifices, from the small ones to the biggest. :D

→ The food stalls appeared to be better too. <:P Noodle House! Yum. The noodles were heavy in my tummy and scrumptious at the same time. The price is not that bad either. $.$ *Parang mukhang pera naman yung pinapakita nung smiley na yan. To clear po, I'm not. :]* Yes, at these times, we should consider the price too. Look, we are all aware of the Global Financial Crisis today, so why waste money on a food you wouldn't eat?

→ My laptop keeps getting better too. Why? -- Plants VS. Zombies: A game that would hook you up! \m/ and my newly installed MS Office. Too bad I don't have MS Access. x| I really need that one. *sigh* Oh well, I just have to practice at school. I have no choice eh.

→ The internet connection, on the other hand, lacked the "better" something. x)) I'm calling Globe's Techy Service first thing tomorrow. (I don't need to do it now 'coz it's fixed. I don't know what happened, maybe there was something wrong last night, but tonight, it's finally working again.)

→ My drawing skills looked as if I've been practicing for months, or even years! Better, to shorten it out. I was making my assignment in Science and after I finished it, yeah, I was marveled by how it turned out. ;) I'm not boasting, huh? Skip this if you want. :P

Plants VS. Zombies is soooo addicting. Haha. I can't stop playing it! Kidding. =)) What I mean there is, "Can't get enough mind, mind, mind!" Sabi mo naman, "Brain kaya!" Haha. Yes, I know. But I like it with the mind eh. Sorry lang ah? :b Peace y'all.

I'm still making my notes in CLVE. I'd better finish this then sleep. Thanks for reading guys!

Quote for the Day:
Place me like a seal over your arm; like a seal over your heart; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.

Laugh it off and let it go,
Charm. <:D

Today: Pretty Boring. :D

We had an evaluation for the teachers and I spilled out all my hard feelings there. x) And my affirmations are there too. Grabe, nakakagutom pala mag-evaluate ng teachers. I discovered that just now. :D

AP was fun, I mean, the discussion. XD Hmn, the practice was great. Especially the last part. I'm really having fun teaching my classmates and of course being with them. I'm sooo lucky to be a Dalton student. Oyeah! \m/ Dude, they rock!

I'm getting much more excited with the much awaited New Moon. Would you watch it with me? Kidding. I'm gonna watch in the big screen so it would be really memorable. A day to be blissful, indeed.

My legs still hurt. Damn. This is really uncomfortable. I can't dance properly. I can't run too much too. *wallbash* I hope I'll get better soon.

So that's it. I don't want to elaborate more 'coz it's really boring. :)

Quote of the Day:
The depth of life will dim; the temptation to live for you. If I were to be alone, silence would rock my tears. 'Coz it's all about love and I know better how life is a waving feather.

Laugh it off and let it go,
Charm. >,<

// i believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥
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