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You're in my dreams. Just wanna let you know.
Monday, December 7, 2009,7:08 PM
I'm 100% sure he wont read this. :)) But yeah, I dreamt of you. Again.

Life is always hard for the Belle of the boulevard. Enough of the songs na nga. :) I know this makes no sense and that he'll never read this. As if naman alam niya yung blog ko diba? I've told this to him in one of our conversations before but he never showed interest in it. :/ That was frustrating, a bit. Well, he's a boy. He sees things in a different way. I didn't mind if he doesn't care on whatever I put here naman eh. But, anyway, I'll be true to my feelings now. Here. -- I dreamt of you. Last night. And that was the second. And the worse than the first. You just didn't have a cameo but you also spoke to me. The worst part in that is I still love you and you've found someone else. :)) Kamustanamandiba? Whatever naman sakin. XD Basta, I hope you'll be reading this, or maybe not. -- That's the end of it. I just had to say it. :) Now, next topic na. I promise.

Today was fun. Really. :D Yes, it was.

Niel made me laugh hard because of his costume in Filipino. He portrayed a man who wanted to be a woman and so he underdid a sex change. *I hope my grammar's right!* Well, he did great on that one. They didn't just giggle upon seeing him. They lolled too. Just like I did. They even made a "Music please!" dialog. =))

Had fun hiding my classmates' things. Well, yeah. I was the 'pasimuno' but they never caught me. :p I had fun seeing Mirro's face when he wasn't aware yet of his missing pencil case. I also found Jed's expression funny because he kept on saying, "Ang sama niyo!" to our faces while shifting his things to find his ID. x)) That's the first thing we hid, by the way. Mirro wasn't included but then he gave a clue away that's why Jed knew where it is. Sayang. I would've like to see what Jed's face will be if he's still not able to find his ID by 5:00. =))

Hmn. What else for today? Had fun soundtripping. I sang out loud while doing my assignments in this and that. :D Well, I'm pretty sure my classmates know what are assignments are. No need to mention them here. And another thing. It's too late for them to check this one out. I think I'm the only one here. I only think so.

Had fun in Tumblr. :x A lot of people reblogged my posts. Yeee! That's good for my tumblarity. Which is still within the range of 100. WTH?! Kasi naman eh. Ang inactive ko the past few days. That's the price I've got to pay. :] Ayun, I posted all sorts of things. From reblogs, a photo of myself, an excerpt from my dream and many more. Wanna see a conversation *ouch* from my dream? Check it out on Tumblr! c:

That's all for today, maybe. We're going to have a mass tomorrow and I'm gonna offer something for it. Wala lang. I want to give. ^^ Good night everyone. Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite! :-h

Quote of the Day:
You're supposed to be acting it out, not saying it out loud.

Drifting off into the candlelight,
Charm. >:]

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