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I'm a bee, I'm a bee. :))
Thursday, February 18, 2010,9:55 PM
I can transform yaa! :D

Good evening blog. Haven't posted for some time, right? Well, I was really busy, and I mean it this time. :)) We're all suffering from projects and seatworks and stuffs. And it's making me go mad right now!

What am I supposed to tell you? Oh, yeah. We had a VERY funny but a bit gross debate in ELA. We all got +2's in the post test because T. Me-anne had a great time with our section. And that's a very good thing for us. We all need those pluses. Though it seems like we're losing it, Raia was able to go back on track. She's good, yes, we know it. :D Aldwin, for the first time ever, spoke a lot in ELA. He's got a lot on his mind and he defended the men very well. I wish he does that all the time, his recitations will be higher, for sure.

What else? We performed the Folk Dance we've been practicing for a few days. We only got a grade of 90, but for me that isn't bad anymore. We don't have the gracefulness, we aren't moving altogether and to top it all off, the boys aren't wearing any costume. They were just wearing their PE uniform. So yeah, Sir Ryan was really generous to our group that time. Thank God! I just hated my costume, a bit, because it kept exposing my strap. And yeah, I found it annoying. I kept on fixing it.

I enjoyed watching the other groups. They were really great especially the organizer, Group 1. For the first time ever, I found *insertnamehere*'s jokes funny again. I swear. Blahblah, yes, I laughed at that part. But I don't remember the things I laughed at. :))

I laughed a lot, but I can't remember them anymore, which makes it disappointing. I could've shared with you some Knock Knock's I know. But, no way.. =)) It would sound corny if it's from me, for sure. Well, anyway.. highway. :D, I was happier in the afternoon. Very happy, actually.

He said he waited for me... to give an answer on what he said. I was asking him, "Did you ask a question?" But merely the fact that he waited for me makes me blush and feel the sudden hotness already, so I made an excuse.. Since I should be heading to my locker that time, I told him I'll go there first. I tried to remember how to breathe properly, then went back there. I asked him what should say until I got what he means.. *skip, skip, skip* I won't say anything further.

Found a quote, and it's my current status message in Y!M.
*I know you're there. We don't have to rush things.

You might not get what that means, but that doesn't matter. I just wish he could read that, but I still wish he would..... Okay, I won't talk about it here. Lol! =)) Sorry if I'm cutting my words. I just don't want to spit it out in public. You know.

Okay, okay, okay. I'll try as best as I could not to mention anything at all. I kind of get irritated when someone's telling me something then they would change their minds and won't tell me what that is. And I'm actually doing it to you now, you might get irritated with me too. So I'm gonna stop it. I'll try to.

Wish me luck for tomorrow's exams. Post test in ELA, quiz in Math. Wish I'll pass 'em. *crossfingers*

Charm. <3

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