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Baby, would walk me home? I don't want to go all the way alone.
Friday, October 30, 2009,11:01 AM
"Open up your eyes", Baby, that's what people tell me.

Grabe, ang HOT talaga ni Arron. I saw him in Dahil May Isang Ikaw yesterday. Woah! :")

No classes today. Dang, what a decision to make. It's too sunny right now, actually. Pag-Asa made another mistake. For how many times? Three, I guess. The first one when I was Grade 6. They said Cavite is Signal 2 then it wasn't raining or something. Next is this year. They said - again - that we're in Signal 2 on this day and they cancelled classes assuming that it would really be raining hard, but it didn't. I'm really sick of this false signals. x| We should be having the last day of exams for second quarter, but they ruined it. We're gonna be having it in Tuesday - I guess - instead. :(

What happened to the "I love you"'s? The hugs and kisses and the rendezvous?
What happened to me and you? You said you'll never change. ;c
What happened, baby talk to me. You used to be sugarsweet just like candy.
Now you're breaking my heart with all your broken promises.

LSS ako diyan. *above* :) Ang kyooooot ng lyrics. Pati beat niya. I was singing it for about the -nth time already. x)) Oh, by the way, I'm currently reading The Time Traveler's Wife. It's Raia's. The book was fab, so far. Though, I wasn't really in the climax part. I gave up studying to just read it. :P Wala lang. I just feel like it. I enjoyed reading it than studying. -,-

Haven't posted since Wednesday? ;o I'm really not sure. Well, TLE was a mess. Really a whole piece of wrecked grade. T,T Science too. Urgh! I hate it. I don't feel like I did great with this quarter's exams. Patay ako kina Mommy nito. x[

Maybe I'll just update this one tonight. If I have some things to add. Okay? I'm gonna read again. ;) Sge naaa. Bye guys! :-h

Sooner or later you're gonna wish you had me,
Then, it will be too late. Sorry. *bleh!*
Charm. xP

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