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Brownout Days Part 2
Wednesday, April 7, 2010,7:55 PM
Due to my sleep last night, I woke up late. Yeah. I had a bit of a long sleep. :)

Good evening Blog. :D Lemme tell you one of the brownout days.

After I ate breakfast, I was about to go to my computer and be online but the power went out AGAIN. :| Wrong timing, really. I wasn't able to update my sites in the morning, which is very frustrating. I wanted to reach 91 karma already.

The power went back, and I watched Harry Potter 1-4. My brother enjoyed watching it and I even found his mouth dropped a couple of times. Though he doesn't seem to understand some of the parts of the story, atleast he had fun watching it. It also surprised me that he understood some parts of the story, considering that he's just a three-year-old who couldn't understand English that much.

I also tried to watch Harry Potter 5 Chinese Version. And I just relied with the wrong-grammar, hard-to-understand, subtitle. :)))) But I was still able to get it partly because I have watched it before and also because it's pretty clear in their actions.

So after those movies, it's time to sleep again. :))) Too fast huh? Then, I deliberated a bit whether to sleep or not. I lay on my bed thinking about things. The piano lessons, my grades, and all the other stuffs. After being aware that it's late, I slept. Or maybe tried to sleep. XD But I ended up sleeping after some minutes, I guess. Not really sure.

That's the end of this day's post. Thanks again, guys!


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